Do you hear the call of forests, lakes, or rivers? Are you curious how real magic and folklore interact with people in the 21st century? Do you thirst for books that portray contemporary Pagans with respect and love? Much of my work is inspired by mythology, the land, my experiences in the Pagan/Polytheistic community, and my time as a parent. I hope that my work brings you joy! For the most up-to-date info on my creations, please follow me on social media.


I’ve been writing since I was a little girl. I queried my first novel when I was a teenager, but quickly learned I had room to grow as a writer. Many years later, and after a lot of practice, I published my debut novel, River Magic with Shadow Spark Publishing! River Magic is the first of my Rituals of Rock Bay novels, followed by Hearth Magic and, most recently, Forest Magic.

Short Stories

My short stories provide glimpses into the lives of polytheists and animists living in America. Each focuses on connection with the land and spirits as well as each other.

“Moon Garden” was published in issue 1 of Hearth Craft Zine through Pagan Homestead. You will get the zine by joining the Patreon.
“Invasives” was published in issue 3 of Stone, Root, and Bone Magazine. You can buy a copy here!
Through the Brambles” – from Stone, Root, and Bone Issue 2.
Lemon Balm Tea
– from Stone, Root, and Bone Issue 1.

Prayers, Chants, and Poetry

My Writing About Druidry


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