Candles and Pendants

This post is not about spells involving candles and pendants.  Perhaps I’ll write about those someday.  No, this post is to show off, and thank people, for these lovely treasures! First off, a trio of votive candles I won from Witchcrafts Artisan Alchemy  during the Witches’ Yuletide Ball!  I was so excited to hear that IContinue reading “Candles and Pendants”

‘Tis the Season for… Krampus!

A vintage Krampus card. As part of the Witches Yuletide Ball, fellow blogger Aine of “The Deepest Well” posted about the darker aspects of Yule. When we think of Yule, most of us think happy thoughts, such as trees sparkling with lights, friends and family get-togethers, singing, gifts and warm fireplaces.  For our ancestors, however,Continue reading “‘Tis the Season for… Krampus!”

The Ditzy Druid Joins The Witches Yuletide Ball!

Despite family and college-related stress, I’ve finally managed to take part in the ball!  I had grand schemes but, because of everything going on, I will just share what I did today. After a long morning and afternoon of class and meetings, I spent a majority of my evening prepping for the Winter Solstice celebrations.Continue reading “The Ditzy Druid Joins The Witches Yuletide Ball!”