The Cold Season

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  In a fitting shift of energy, snow once more entered my world, swirling through the air, sprinkling the grass like powdered sugar, and filling my family with excitement.    It is interesting how our modern comforts have turned this time of year into something joyous.  To our northern ancestors, thereContinue reading “The Cold Season”

The North Country Druidic Study Group Celebrates Samhain

Last night, the North Country Druidic Study Group gathered for its second ever ritual – Samhain!  Although a few days after the calendrical holiday, my Druidic tradition believes that the veil remains thin for some time.  Personally, I view it like the lunar phases.  Samhain is when it is at its peak, while the daysContinue reading “The North Country Druidic Study Group Celebrates Samhain”

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

We haven’t accumulated much snow in the North Country, but we’ve had some dustings.  I love the forest at wintertime.  Truly, I love it for different reasons each season, but there’s something very magical about the forest in the winter.  Everything is so quiet and sleepy.  The deciduous trees are especially hushed save the occasionalContinue reading “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

A cold and various errands kept me out of the forest this past week.  I decided to get back out today.  I brought a small offering as well as some food scraps.  Some may balk at bringing “garbage” to the woods, but I don’t have an operational compost heap or worm bin at the moment.Continue reading “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”