Winter Solstice Tutorials – White Pine Tea

Tonight, a recipe perfect for wintery nights! It uses an ingredient native to my home in Upstate NY –  pinus strobus – The Eastern White Pine.  If you live around the North Eastern part of America, you’re probably very familiar with these trees.  They should be especially recognizable to anyone who has ever spent time inContinue reading “Winter Solstice Tutorials – White Pine Tea”

Solstice Shopping Gift Ideas

  I wanted to give a shout-out to “Da Toy Lady” on Etsy – Cat Lamson.  Although she specializes in wooden toys for children, including some adorable medieval-themed items such as hobby stick griffins, wobble dragons, and swords, she is a lady of many talents! I purchased a beautiful brooch from her as an anniversaryContinue reading “Solstice Shopping Gift Ideas”

Winter Solstice Tutorial – Oak Earrings

I recently made some oak earrings as a birthday gift for a friend and I thought they were perfect for another Winter Solstice Tutorial.  These are lovely, easy-to-make gifts for a grove member or tree-loving friend! Materials: The oak leaf pattern (you may need to adjust the size) Two colors of felt that look niceContinue reading “Winter Solstice Tutorial – Oak Earrings”

The Witches Yuletide Ball Blog Party

    I will be taking part in the virtual merriment Dec. 10th. Tanea from The Witch of Howling Creek was nice enough to invite me! Although I plan to post several Winter Solstice tutorials and probably some music throughout the holiday season, I’ll have to come up with something special on Dec. 10th…  PerhapsContinue reading “The Witches Yuletide Ball Blog Party”

Winter Solstice Tutorials – Leaf Bookmarks

First, an introduction to the tutorials… Everywhere you look, the winter holidays are throwing themselves at us!  As soon as Samhain is over, and often before, we’re pushed by the big box stores to buy, buy, buy!  It can be quite stressful at times, but now that I’m no longer working in a retail store,Continue reading “Winter Solstice Tutorials – Leaf Bookmarks”