I was in high school when I started to seriously study and practice any form of Paganism.  I was solitary except for a few experiments with an equally curious friend.  I didn’t meet any other Pagans in person until college.  The introductory books did not prepare me for the diversity in our community.  IContinue reading “Perceptions”

The Druidic Study Group Moves Toward Ritual

If you’ve been reading my blog for the past year, you know I’ve been working towards building an ADF Druidic community here in the North Country.  It started in June with a “coffee hour,” and progressed into a few study group meetings – the first in Watertown and the second in Carthage.  Our Facebook groupContinue reading “The Druidic Study Group Moves Toward Ritual”

The Ditzy Druid Does the Central New York Pagan Pride Day, 2012

An image of the main ritual , a Keltrian Druid rite, from the Central New York Pagan Pride Day, 2012.  Photo by Weretoad. We woke and dressed just before sunrise.  It was going to be a long day.  Skip and Sharon Ellison, the keepers of Muin Mound Grove, very generously offered us hospitality in theirContinue reading “The Ditzy Druid Does the Central New York Pagan Pride Day, 2012”

A Dangerous Method – A Brief Review

Ever since I heard there was going to be a film featuring Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, I have excitedly anticipated “A Dangerous Method.”   I first became aware of Jung’s work in psychology when I applied some of his ideas to a paper on Frankenstein in 12th grade. I was dabbling with Wicca at theContinue reading “A Dangerous Method – A Brief Review”

Can’t get your head around the Oak/Holly King cycle? « The Bardic Blog

Can’t get your head around the Oak/Holly King cycle? « The Bardic Blog. I generally don’t consider the Oak and Holly King in my rituals. They don’t seem to be part of traditional Celtic lore. At least, I haven’t seen them anywhere… That said, the actual trees do play a role in our seasonal observations.Continue reading “Can’t get your head around the Oak/Holly King cycle? « The Bardic Blog”

Do You Call Yourself “Pagan?”

Fellow Druid and blogger, A Fundamentalist Druid in America, posted an intriguing and thought-provoking entry this morning. Entilted “Why I am not a Pagan,” he explores the many negative connotations associated with the word such as its historical usage, derivation, and the groups of people who use it to describe themselves. He quotes several well-knownContinue reading “Do You Call Yourself “Pagan?””

Video of Gerald Gardner

Not really Druidic, but interesting all the same. The blog “Pantheon” is doing a series on the history of Wicca and they included this video.  It’s actually a sampling of various interviews.  Gardner’s is the first. While Wicca does not really inspire me anymore, I’m still interested in its history and role in modern PaganismContinue reading “Video of Gerald Gardner”