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I’m still healing from my recent oral surgery.  I feel as if I might have some temporary (I hope) nerve damage in half of my face.  The right side of my lips and chin are very numb.  I also can’t open my mouth very far.  I attempted to eat some more solid food today but that turned into a difficult affair due to the chewing.  I’ll stick with soups, yogurt, cottage cheese, and mashed fruits.  The solid food I tried to eat was a chocolate brownie my husband brought home for when I’m ready.  It was really tasty, but having not had anything too sweet and rich for several days, I’m wondering if my body wasn’t prepared.  My stomach feels a bit off again.  No puking, thank the Gods, but I’m not as comfortable as I was earlier.

Despite all that, I ventured out of the house for the first time today.  One reason was because I made my very first Etsy sale and wanted to get the tree spirit in the mail right away!  Hubby and I also wanted to go to the craft store.  I bought more felt for another tree spirit as well as some Samhain prints for a quilt.  I made a block today in what I hope will be a table runner/altar cloth.  It’s really colorful and features skulls, witches, and spiders.


Weretoad’s Pokeball and my Samhain themed quilt block.  From Arts and Crafts

On our way home, I stopped at a local farm to buy some herbs.  Last year I had quite the collection but, alas, they died …  When plants die, I always feel so guilty…    The chives, of course, survived, as did the parsley, rosemary, pineapple mint, and silver sage.  I’m very proud of my sage, actually, as I started it from seed.  Anyway, I picked up some new plants for my patio.  I hope I’m a better caretaker this time!

Mint  From August 18, 2011

First, I once more have mint.  I was very sad to lose this last summer.  I had tons of it around my parents’ home when I lived there and I miss it.  There’s nothing quite like fresh mint for tea.

Lemon balm  From August 18, 2011

I also grabbed some lemon balm.  This little guy smells amazing!  Also great for tea … and insect repellant.  Nice, huh?

Lavender and Italian Oregano  From August 18, 2011

Also purchased some lavender and Italian oregano.  The oregano is, of course, great for cooking.  I grabbed the lavender for magical purposes.  It has many uses, not just for inducing sleep and pleasant dreams.  According to Harold Roth of The Alchemist’s Garden (also a fellow Upstate NY Pagan), lavender can be used for aspurging, “sharpening vision,” and attracting the sidhe.  It’s also useful in love magic which is excellent since my sister is using some in her wedding.

With the addition of these new herbs, my garden is looking lovelier and more robust.  My neighbor recently complimented me on it, saying that she loves how alive my patio looks.  It makes me happy to know my neighbors aren’t bothered by the explosion of green.  There are so many stories of neighbors complaining about veggie gardens.  My neighbors are super cool.  🙂

From August 18, 2011

Growing pumpkin.

From August 18, 2011

My first year growing large tomatoes.  Or rather…my first successful year of it!   These are going to be amazing in sandwiches… They’re an heirloom variety called Brandywines which delights my husband and I, Lord of the Rings fans that we are.

From August 18, 2011

More developing eggplants!

From August 18, 2011

Finally, my two sunflowers, gifted by the birds, were wilting. This meant it was time to cut off their heads for drying in the hopes of harvesting seeds. They’re currently hanging in the art room with some other herbs I harvested around the full moon.  Thankful for their appearing in my garden at all, let alone doing so well, I gave an offering of thanks to the Nature Spirits immediately following harvest.

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I’m on vacation. I can kick back and relax. I can sew and have fun! That’s just what I did today.


I worked on a small doll. I don't really like the arms and may end up redoing them... Otherwise I'm very pleased with the pattern I came up with.


I started another, larger doll.


I apologize for the quality of this photo. I'll try to get a better one soon. Here is my latest tree spirit plush! She has newly budded leaves and a robin nest on her head!


My husband and I finally got around to playing Arkham Horror, an occult delight from the Lovecraft universe. It's complicated, takes forever to set up, is looooong, and a challenge. We didn't even finish but it is a lot of fun.


Last but not least - my husband gave me this random but adorable gift: a tshirt featuring a nudist cupcake. What isn't to love about that? My hubby is so sweet. 🙂

I had a lovely day! I’m off to do my devotional before bed. Tomorrow? I hope to attend an Earth Day event, take care of some errands, and get my monthly massage! Huzzah!

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A Matter of Perspective

Weretoad and I went for a walk in the woods a moment ago.  It’s very dark and frigid out.  Snow blankets the forest and, because of the temperature, very little seemed to stir.  I brought an apple as an offering.  I prayed silently, asking/thanking the Spirits for their wisdom.  Suddenly we heard inhuman shrieking in the distance.  We stood and listened as a creature died.

Weretoad turned to me and said, “Someone isn’t having a good night.”

I thought for a moment, then said, “Someone is.”

Death is part of the forest and the carnivores need to eat too.

I’m thinking about going into the woods tomorrow while it is still light.  I would like to see if I can figure out what screamed.  Morbid, I know, but I am curious.

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