Taking the Initiative

Wellspring did more than invigorate my desire and need for further study and practice – it woke up a desire to create community. Before I moved to the North Country, a couple friends and I started to play with the idea of starting a protogrove in the Mohawk Valley.  I requested that a fellow DruidContinue reading “Taking the Initiative”

Wellspring 2012

I recently posted about how I was anticipating Wellspring as a way to rejuvenate my Druidic studies and practice.  Weretoad and I were able to attend from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning.  For those of you who don’t know, Wellspring is a major ADF Druid festival held at the Brushwood Folklore Center in Sherman, NY.Continue reading “Wellspring 2012”

Looking Forward

I am not ashamed to admit that I very much look forward to, and even feel a need, for Wellspring. Graduate classes and graduation are done, yet getting back into my spiritual discipline has been difficult. There’s always so much going on… The fellowship with my fellow Druids in ritual, art, song, dance, and playContinue reading “Looking Forward”

Wellspring 2011

Ok, I really need to write about my experiences at Wellspring this year.  It’s taken me long enough.  This is entirely due to the fact that I’m just so busy right now.  I’m taking summer classes three nights a week and am preparing for a craft show next weekend.  I feel terribly behind on myContinue reading “Wellspring 2011”

Getting Ready for Wellspring

Weretoad and I will be making the long drive to The Brushwood Folklore Center this weekend for ADF’s Wellspring festival!  We’re both really excited to go.  I love seeing fellow Druids from around the world, learning from the elders, and dancing in the drum circle.  Hubby just wants a relaxing weekend away from the rest ofContinue reading “Getting Ready for Wellspring”