Tutorial: Ancestor Skull Rattle

When Samhain / Halloween decorations and materials started showing up at the craft stores, I snatched up one of those small, papier mâché skulls.  At the time, I didn’t have a project in mind, but I knew something would come to me.  It wasn’t until my daughter was playing with it that we stumbled uponContinue reading “Tutorial: Ancestor Skull Rattle”

Pagan Parenting Tutorial: Ribbon Flowers for a Spring Equinox Altar or Nature Table

    Although it’s started to feel like Spring in Northern NY, there aren’t any flowers yet. If you’d like to get your little ones excited about the coming season and want to add some color to your altars and nature tables, here’s a craft I came up with.  It will take a few hoursContinue reading “Pagan Parenting Tutorial: Ribbon Flowers for a Spring Equinox Altar or Nature Table”

Autumn Equinox Earth Mother Flag

Autumn’s arrival means I have to prepare my garden for the colder temperatures. I realized that I had the same garden flag out since the Spring Equinox. I’ve grown fond of having a splash of color flying in my garden, but tulips and bees just won’t cut it for this time of year. Rather thanContinue reading “Autumn Equinox Earth Mother Flag”

Imbolc Tutorial: Mini Brighid Mantles

As a pre-ritual workshop this Imbolc, Northern Rivers Protogrove made Brighid crosses and, also, mini Brighid mantles.  In Ireland, it’s traditional to put out a bit of cloth (the brat or Brighid’s mantle), on Imbolc eve for it is believed that Brighid is visiting.  She imbues her blessings upon the cloth and thus it becomes a healing tool.Continue reading “Imbolc Tutorial: Mini Brighid Mantles”

Dehydrated Orange Sun Wheels – A Tutorial

One of Northern Rivers Protogrove’s group offering at our recent Winter Solstice event were dehydrated orange sun wheel ornaments.  I made them ahead of time and carried the basket around the circle for everyone to put their gratitude into.  We then hung them from trees and bushes outside the Yoga Center and our homes.  TheyContinue reading “Dehydrated Orange Sun Wheels – A Tutorial”

How to Carve Turnips into Jack-o-Lanterns: A Samhain Tutorial

Our turnips for Samhain this year!  Photo by Weretoad, 2012. Carved pumpkins are a ubiquitous tradition here in America.  It’s no wonder really – pumpkins have been growing here for generations!  In Ireland, turnips were mostly used as Samhain decorations.  There’s not a lot of evidence that this is an ancient practice.  Writings on theContinue reading “How to Carve Turnips into Jack-o-Lanterns: A Samhain Tutorial”

Beltaine Tutorial: Easy Floral Garland Hair Clip

I’m always trying to think of easy tutorials for Pagan families to do together, especially projects that help people learn and perfect useful skills like sewing.  This one is to celebrate Beltaine.   During this season we delight in the new life bursting forth everywhere.  It is also a time to be flirty and sensuous.Continue reading “Beltaine Tutorial: Easy Floral Garland Hair Clip”

Winter Solstice Tutorial- Recycled Crayons

What to do for the wee ones? I was wondering this myself while looking around the net for some inspiration. Thankfully, the queen of crafts, Martha Stewart, had some great suggestions including a tutorial on how to turn old crayons into new ones using fun shapes. I used the broken crayons at the bottom ofContinue reading “Winter Solstice Tutorial- Recycled Crayons”

Winter Solstice Tutorials – White Pine Tea

Tonight, a recipe perfect for wintery nights! It uses an ingredient native to my home in Upstate NY –  pinus strobus – The Eastern White Pine.  If you live around the North Eastern part of America, you’re probably very familiar with these trees.  They should be especially recognizable to anyone who has ever spent time inContinue reading “Winter Solstice Tutorials – White Pine Tea”

Winter Solstice Tutorials – Leaf Bookmarks

First, an introduction to the tutorials… Everywhere you look, the winter holidays are throwing themselves at us!  As soon as Samhain is over, and often before, we’re pushed by the big box stores to buy, buy, buy!  It can be quite stressful at times, but now that I’m no longer working in a retail store,Continue reading “Winter Solstice Tutorials – Leaf Bookmarks”