Reflecting on Liturgy Practicum 1

I am very nearly finished with one of the advanced ADF study programs – Liturgy Practicum 1.  I lost track of time, and when I saw that I had journaled for over the required four months, I was surprised to see that it’s time to submit!  What once seemed daunting is now nearly over! Liturgy practicum 1Continue reading “Reflecting on Liturgy Practicum 1”

Mother’s Day Offerings for the Earth Mother

I seem to post about food an awful lot, and I hope you’ll forgive me. Harvesting, making, and preserving food plays such an important role in our religious traditions and holidays. I recently recognized what has become a family tradition in early May – harvesting and cooking with dandelion flowers. In fact, I know weContinue reading “Mother’s Day Offerings for the Earth Mother”

Mini Bealtaine Fire

Blessed Bealtaine! We don’t have a fire pit at our apartment, so I decided to bring three candles out and light them on this special night. One is my flame keeping candle, one is my altar candle, and the third is one I’m making into my mini bonfire candle! My family lit our sacred fires,Continue reading “Mini Bealtaine Fire”

Pagan Parenting: Peas, Frogs, and Buds on Earth Day

  My daughter and I took a walk around our home to celebrate Earth Day. Granted, we do this regularly, but why not do something outside today? It was chilly, so, regardless of what season the calendar says it is, we took our winter coats out. First, we visited the container garden in back toContinue reading “Pagan Parenting: Peas, Frogs, and Buds on Earth Day”

Pagan Parenting: Exploring Yoga with Kids

Ok, so this might not be authentically Druidic, but I really want to add more yoga to my life.  I find the blend of exercise, meditation, and focused breathing to be invigorating!  My life needs more of that.  It’s been a difficult winter, so making the 30+ minute drive to any yoga studio just feels daunting, especiallyContinue reading “Pagan Parenting: Exploring Yoga with Kids”

Happy Galentine’s Day to the Dear Women in my Life

  This may seem frivolous to some. Like Valentine’s day, love between lady friends should be celebrated all year. However, unlike the love between romantic partners, especially that shared by people who see each other every day, it can be hard to express fondness for people who have become distant through the complications of life.  WorkContinue reading “Happy Galentine’s Day to the Dear Women in my Life”

Reclaiming My Old Study Habits

  I purposefully photographed my personal library’s latest addition for a reason.  Even though I’m working hard to take care of a busy toddler, and making sure she has interesting and wholesome stimuli, I’m still making time for myself.  It’s taken over a year, but I’ve finally started to reestablish a routine that allows me to maintainContinue reading “Reclaiming My Old Study Habits”

Exploring Irish Cooking: Irish Pea Soup

For lunch on Sunday, I made a pea soup from the Irish cookbook I’ve been exploring.  It was really easy, but I had to substitute vegetable broth for bacon rind or ham bone.  I also used cream instead of milk because I had some in the fridge and I didn’t want it to go to waste.Continue reading “Exploring Irish Cooking: Irish Pea Soup”

Druidism Waxes and Wanes

December is such a busy month.  Despite my best efforts every year, my Druidic studies and routines become disrupted because of family celebrations.  Thankfully, my little tribe celebrated the Winter Solstice, but my usual morning routine of prayers, grounding, and shielding kind of went on the back burner…  Which is a shame because, Gods know,Continue reading “Druidism Waxes and Wanes”