A Treasure

After work, I checked the mail and, to my surprise, I received a letter from my paternal grandfather.  He’s the family genealogist, a mantle I feel I’ll probably inherit/take up one day.  He’s done a lot of work and, usually, focuses on his father’s side.  Through his in-depth research, he discovered that we have anContinue reading “A Treasure”

Springtime Reflections

On Saturday I joined my grovies at Muin Mound for our Vernal Equinox celebration and ritual.  My husband took some photos that I will be posting to the grove blog soon, so I won’t get into too much detail, but I wanted to mention a few things about my own experiences that evening.  I’m proudContinue reading “Springtime Reflections”

Fun Times

When I originally started this blog (when it was on Blogger) it was partially dedicated to getting used to the North Country.  I’ve been up here for nearly two years and it’s been an adjustment moving away from  dear family and friends, favorite hangouts, and such.  I still miss home and am continually amazed atContinue reading “Fun Times”

First Moon – 6th Night Retreat

I decided to do my 6th Night retreat day on Sunday – a day after most people did theirs.  I wanted to dedicate a full day to it unlike the week before where everything felt rushed and half-assed.  I removed the usual distractions from my life and focused on my spiritual studies.  It was difficultContinue reading “First Moon – 6th Night Retreat”

This Druid Does Kitchen Magic

I never felt drawn to kitchen magic until I was properly settled down.  Prior to that I lived in two homes – my parents’ house and my boyfriend’s apartment (which actually belonged to his brother and sister-in-law).  I never felt like I had my own kitchen.  And even though I still don’t actually own aContinue reading “This Druid Does Kitchen Magic”

New Years Scrooges?

I’ve seen a lot of people making pessimistic remarks about the New Year.  I’m not referring to such comments as, “2010 sucked.  Glad it’s over!”  Some people have genuinely unfortunate years.  While it’s true that most people don’t even know who Janus is and why it’s significant that the first month of the year isContinue reading “New Years Scrooges?”