Wellspring 2011

Ok, I really need to write about my experiences at Wellspring this year.  It’s taken me long enough.  This is entirely due to the fact that I’m just so busy right now.  I’m taking summer classes three nights a week and am preparing for a craft show next weekend.  I feel terribly behind on myContinue reading “Wellspring 2011”

My Beltaine

Yesterday, Weretoad and I went to Syracuse to celebrate Beltaine with the folks at Muin Mound Grove.  We had a wonderful time.   I feel a greater familial bond with everyone. I celebrate everyone’s victories, lament their tragedies, cry when they cry, and laugh at inside jokes.  This Beltaine marked my fourth anniversary with them.Continue reading “My Beltaine”

Thoughts Before Bed and an Extended Retreat Day

Family obligations, visiting friends, and general fatigue have kept me busy this weekend.  I plan to do my retreat day tomorrow and Tuesday evening.  As such, I will not be online except for short periods to check email and grove business.  I look forward to these times even though my husband shakes his head atContinue reading “Thoughts Before Bed and an Extended Retreat Day”

Visting My Family for Easter

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but a majority of my clan is Catholic.    Thus I find myself  visiting my family for their Easter celebration.  Now, I used to be an active participant.  As a child, my mother  woke us up singing either “Peter Cottontail” or “In Your Easter Bonnet.”  We would find and thenContinue reading “Visting My Family for Easter”

Druid Fortress, Traveling Altars, and Nine Moons

I had a stressful and somewhat scary experience last night.  I decided to do the Druid Fortress exercise as a way to shield myself.  It worked very well and is calming and strengthening at the same time.  Feeling the energy is very assuring. I’m realizing that my traveling altar needs some work.  Doing rituals inContinue reading “Druid Fortress, Traveling Altars, and Nine Moons”

Changing Behavior

Part of why I started the Nine Moons is because my focus needed more, well, focus.  I saw definite improvement last month.  I also discovered some habits that really needed changing, especially with my husband’s new work schedule. I used to do my evening devotional before bed.  My husband now retires earlier than I doContinue reading “Changing Behavior”

Earth Hour 2011

Saturday was Earth Hour.  It was the third year Weretoad and I participated.  A lot of people complain about it being a pipe dream with little impact, especially this year.  Since we’re already environmentalists and go beyond the hour anyway, I feel that even one more little step can make a difference.  I think itContinue reading “Earth Hour 2011”