Working with the Nine Moons – 6th Moon: Full Moon

As usual, my schedule makes doing the Nine Moons as prescribed by Ian challenging.  Often, I’ve had to alter things to fit my needs.  This week, for example, I’m once more taking college courses at night (twice a week) and have a wedding to attend over the weekend.  A busy time to be sure! ThisContinue reading “Working with the Nine Moons – 6th Moon: Full Moon”

Things I Saw Today (Canadian Edition)

Today, my husband and I went to Quebec to visit the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Our whole reason for going was to see the temporary exhibit, “Japan: Tradition. Innovation.” We’ve grown up with anime and manga, and are therefore enamored with that country. The exhibit was really well-organized. Basically, the designers included examples of designContinue reading “Things I Saw Today (Canadian Edition)”

Happy Birthday, Mum!

Sorry for the infrequent posts, readers.  Summer vacation is almost over and I suddenly feel as if I’m trying to cram all of my fun in this last week.  Yesterday I went kayaking and tomorrow I’m hopeful to visit the Museum of Civilizations in Ottawa.  Today, my family is visiting to celebrate my mum’s birthday!Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Mum!”

Ditzy Druid Doings – Healing, Sewing, and Gardening

I’m still healing from my recent oral surgery.  I feel as if I might have some temporary (I hope) nerve damage in half of my face.  The right side of my lips and chin are very numb.  I also can’t open my mouth very far.  I attempted to eat some more solid food today butContinue reading “Ditzy Druid Doings – Healing, Sewing, and Gardening”

The Divine in the North Country

I’m a few days early, but I’ve nearly been living in Northern NY for two years.  It feels like I’ve been here longer than that, but I guess winters slow our perception of time.  I moved here for a job.  It’s taken me awhile to feel part of the area.  The forest near our apartmentContinue reading “The Divine in the North Country”

Artisan Guild Study Program – Working Outline

(Again, this seems to have vanished from my site…  I don’t know why.  I’m reposting it again for posterity and curious folk.  I’m actually glad for the chance to review it.  I’ve not done much for this study program and I feel inspired!)   Working Outline By Grey Catsidhe   As part of the ArtContinue reading “Artisan Guild Study Program – Working Outline”

Midsummer 2011

Well, another busy weekend has come and gone! And my, what a busy weekend it was. Things began as planned. Weretoad and I headed to Syracuse after work to attend a vigil for incoming grovies. Only…that didn’t happen. One of our beloved members had a medical emergency. We did some healing work before parting ways,Continue reading “Midsummer 2011”

My Triad of Cities

My husband made an interesting observation a few days ago.  He realized that we live our lives divided between three cities – Watertown, Utica, and Syracuse.  If you locate them on a map of NY state, you’ll notice they make a triangle of sorts.  I had never thought of this before and exclaimed that itContinue reading “My Triad of Cities”

Bridal Showers, Sewing, and Homework – Oh My!

My three day retreat turned into a twoish day retreat thanks to the stresses in the subject line.  Not that sewing is a stress per se, I just have this weekend’s craft show looming over my head…  I always worry about having a blank looking table…  I’ve been spending my free time stitching mushroom spirits,Continue reading “Bridal Showers, Sewing, and Homework – Oh My!”