Bealtaine With Northern Rivers

  Northern Rivers celebrated its second Bealtaine together on May 10th.  The skies, which had been full of rain clouds, became pleasant and even sunny.  Perfect Maypole weather!  What a blessing! I’ve never found evidence that the ancient Celts celebrated the holiday with a Maypole, but it’s become such an important part of the modernContinue reading “Bealtaine With Northern Rivers”

Nature Awareness: Pure Joy

The previous weekend, I went out into the forest.  I needed it.  I was feeling some cabin fever.  We’ve had snow on top of snow on top of snow.  Furthermore, I had had a terrible, no good, very bad night the day before.   The forest was calling my name. I was already trudging throughContinue reading “Nature Awareness: Pure Joy”

Nature Awareness: Some Northern European Ash Tree Lore

Since the last couple weeks have been bitter cold or too snowy to safely walk in the forest, I stayed close to home and gave some thought to the tree nearest me. I recently started an exploration of the ash tree in my front yard.  Of course, I will continue to visit the forest regularly,Continue reading “Nature Awareness: Some Northern European Ash Tree Lore”

Pagan Parenting: “Ten Little Acorns” Song

Meant to be sung to the tune of “Ten Little Indians,” I came up with these lyrics while thinking about ways to teach Bee about the Three Kindreds.  Nature Spirits are, in my opinion, one of the easiest for children to learn about first because they are all around us.  As the oak is suchContinue reading “Pagan Parenting: “Ten Little Acorns” Song”

Nature Awareness Journal – January 9th, 2014

  It’s a beautiful day in the North Country. It’s warmer than the week before. There was even a small bit of sun earlier. A perfect day for a walk to the forest. Only… yesterday’s rain made the lingering ice even more hazardous. The driveway and remaining “snow” are really slick. Walking the short distanceContinue reading “Nature Awareness Journal – January 9th, 2014”

Signs of Spring and Celebrating Trees!

  Yesterday I joined my friend Miss Corinne to celebrate Arbor Day with her organization The Thousand Islands Land Trust.  It was a really excellent event held at their Zenda Farm Preserve  just outside of Clayton, NY.  Admission was free and included information about planting and caring for trees, local wildlife, and local conservation efforts.  Volunteers wereContinue reading “Signs of Spring and Celebrating Trees!”

Sharing the Autumn Equinox and Natural Awareness with Children

  Red Leaf,Yellow Leaf: Lois Ehlert: 9780152661977: Books. Although the rain in the North Country may make it feel more like April than the Autumn Equinox, signs of the season are all around us. If you have children in your life – be they your own or young grovelings – you should consider addingContinue reading “Sharing the Autumn Equinox and Natural Awareness with Children”

High Harvest Days and Garden Reflections

Rowan berries ritual strung and ready to dry for use in magical talismans and as ritual offerings. A good season for staying is autumn, there is work then for everyone before the very short days. Dappled fawns from amongst the hinds,  the red clumps of the bracken shelter them; stags run from the knolls atContinue reading “High Harvest Days and Garden Reflections”