Second Moon – New Moon

Last night found me beginning a new lunar cycle with my weekly retreat.  Although my decision to avoid social networking, games, and the usual entertainment kind of annoys my husband (simply because he wants to enjoy those things with me), I find the escape refreshing.  I accomplish much during those hours – including catching upContinue reading “Second Moon – New Moon”

Changing Behavior

Part of why I started the Nine Moons is because my focus needed more, well, focus.  I saw definite improvement last month.  I also discovered some habits that really needed changing, especially with my husband’s new work schedule. I used to do my evening devotional before bed.  My husband now retires earlier than I doContinue reading “Changing Behavior”

On Productivity While Ill

I’ve been feeling under the weather for a few days now.  I hate when that happens.  Everything goes on hold.  Trance is difficult because I can’t breathe properly and thus I get out of practice.  Devotionals are shorter.  I want to do some exercise – yoga, pilates, belly dance, something – but my body isContinue reading “On Productivity While Ill”