Meditating on Ériu

Last year started what is clearly becoming a tradition for me.  As March is Irish Heritage month, I take it as a time to reflect on and honor the sovereignty Goddess of Ireland – Ériu.  Chelly has also been focusing on her and shares some wonderful musings in her latest post.  I was inspired and reminded ofContinue reading “Meditating on Ériu”

Pregnancy Lore

A huge thanks to Woden’s Wandering Witch for the amazing resources on pregnancy lore in Norse and Irish cultures. I really related to her Irish post, where she states that she is avoiding intense spiritual work because of the general belief that unborn babies are very vulnerable to such forces.  I did one trance workingContinue reading “Pregnancy Lore”

Seeing Shadows

The following is an excerpt from my Initiate Studies trance journal from August 27, 2012.   What an odd experience! Tonight I set out to do my trance work on the couch and avoid the disturbances of my tossing and turning husband.  He has to wake up early tomorrow so I had an hour orContinue reading “Seeing Shadows”

My Druidism and Magic

Not all Pagans practice magic* similarly.  There are many interpretations as to what magic is.  Some have very strict codes about what is and isn’t acceptable.  Some are very formal and others less so in their practice. In my personal practice, my main magical workings tend to be theurgical, meaning that I do rituals withContinue reading “My Druidism and Magic”

Nine Moons: 4th Moon – Part 1

After the debacle of a schedule that was June, I am finally getting back into Ian Corrigan’s Nine Moons.  For those of you just joining me, it’s a regime of spiritual retreat days that emphasizes ritual, meditation, and trance as well as strengthening ties to the Three Kindreds.  It is supposed to compliment ADF’s InitiateContinue reading “Nine Moons: 4th Moon – Part 1”

Bridal Showers, Sewing, and Homework – Oh My!

My three day retreat turned into a twoish day retreat thanks to the stresses in the subject line.  Not that sewing is a stress per se, I just have this weekend’s craft show looming over my head…  I always worry about having a blank looking table…  I’ve been spending my free time stitching mushroom spirits,Continue reading “Bridal Showers, Sewing, and Homework – Oh My!”

A Lazy Evening with X-Files and “Better Book Titles.”

Oh my Gods, I feel so out of it today.  I’ve decided I just have too much going on.  I’m taking it as a blessing that the local zumba classes have been cancelled until Fall.  One less thing not to feel guilty about putting off today.  I felt like a zombie at work.  I kindContinue reading “A Lazy Evening with X-Files and “Better Book Titles.””

Second Moon – Full Moon (For Real)

Monday was not a fun day.  Well, there were moments of fun, particularly at the end when Weretoad and I started to watch an adorable anime series about a cat named Chi.  Otherwise, it was not a good day.  I don’t feel like going into it – at least right now – but I wasContinue reading “Second Moon – Full Moon (For Real)”