Three Things Thursday: Trying Tasseomancy, Organization, and a New Excerpt

Hello lovely readers! It’s Thursday, so I have three tidbits for you. Three is a magic number, after all! *** Reading the Leaves: I mentioned last month that I’m interested in learning tasseomancy, and I finally tried my hand at it! I used Nilgiri white tea some family gifted me. I went with this becauseContinue reading “Three Things Thursday: Trying Tasseomancy, Organization, and a New Excerpt”

Three Things Thursday: Kitchen Magic, Writing Community, and “Mercury in Gatorade”

Once more, in an effort to update my blog more regularly, here’s another installment of Three Things Thursday! Three mini posts nestled together in one for your viewing pleasure! Kitchen Magic With My Daughter Bee is showing more interest in both cooking and magic, so showing her how they can mix is a no brainer!Continue reading “Three Things Thursday: Kitchen Magic, Writing Community, and “Mercury in Gatorade””

Working with Plants in Summer

The warm weather is here, and I’m working to improve my relationships with plants. I’m always learning about herbal properties, plant identification, methods of preservation, and various magical uses. My paternal grandmother started to teach me when I was little.  She had a beautiful herb garden and apple trees at her home.  Some of myContinue reading “Working with Plants in Summer”

If You Give a Druid a Cup of Tea

(This entry describes my morning.  Written in the style of  If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff.) If you give a Druid a cup of tea, she’ll feel very content, almost meditative. She’ll be moved to give some as an offering to her Ancestors. So, your Druid will go to the householdContinue reading “If You Give a Druid a Cup of Tea”

Unexpected Pineappleweed

    Earlier I went out to lunch with my husband. We stopped in The Mustard Seed, a local health food store and cafe. We sat beneath a big poster displaying a variety of medicinal herbs. Weretoad asked if I had ever encountered chamomile in the wild and I said that I had not butContinue reading “Unexpected Pineappleweed”

A Mothers’ Day Tea Party Devotional For the Earth Mother and Three Kindreds

First off, if you haven’t read the latest offering from The Wild Hunt on Mothers’ Day, you really ought to.  It includes a concise history (which I was not aware of before) as well as possibly spiritual implications this secular holiday may have for Pagans. This is the first time I’m officially celebrating Mothers’ DayContinue reading “A Mothers’ Day Tea Party Devotional For the Earth Mother and Three Kindreds”

Death of a Bee Balm?

I think I see some new growth…  Here’s hoping!  Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2012   My husband’s birthday was a couple weekends ago so we went away to visit our family and celebrate.  I had recently brought in some of my potted herbs since the frost is becoming more intense each evening.  Upon returning, IContinue reading “Death of a Bee Balm?”