Working and Staying Afloat 

It’s been quite a week, but I’ve been meaning to write a more substantial update here for some time.  I figure I should finish and publish this as I move into another week and a new lunar cycle.  Much of this entry has been hanging out in my draft folder for several days.  Why the delay?Continue reading “Working and Staying Afloat “

Pagan Parenting: Puffed Up With Pride and Love

I’ve been trying to get baby girl used to sleeping in her crib.  We’re reluctant co-sleepers* but it’s not been terribly stressful in the summer.  We hardly keep any blankets on the bed.  All the same, I pray to Brighid for protection each night.  (To be fair, I would do that no matter what!)  IContinue reading “Pagan Parenting: Puffed Up With Pride and Love”

Reaction to “Is it Ethical to Use Silver in Druidic Rites” and Where to Go Next?

When I first asked my readers, “Is it Ethical to Use Silver in Druidic Rites?” I was bracing myself for some tongue lashings.  I felt the same way sharing my concerns on the ADF Discussion list.  Although I did get responses along the same tone I’m used to when explaining my vegetarianism, many people –Continue reading “Reaction to “Is it Ethical to Use Silver in Druidic Rites” and Where to Go Next?”

Rowan for Imbolc

Rowan tree and red thread Keep the witches from their speed. – Irish saying Rowan is a very magical tree that has been connected to Brighid and Imbolc.  The fiery red berries that ripen in the autumn remind one of her sacred flame.  Country folk would make crosses with the branches and red thread, thenContinue reading “Rowan for Imbolc”