One Last Harvest?

I love autumn. The weather is exactly how I like it, the changing leaves are so inspiring, and the mosquitos and poison ivy are less of a concern when I take nature walks. I also really enjoy winter. Sweaters, hot cocoa, cooking hot dinners that warm the whole house up … Yet as An CailleachContinue reading “One Last Harvest?”

Happy Birthday, Mum!

Sorry for the infrequent posts, readers.  Summer vacation is almost over and I suddenly feel as if I’m trying to cram all of my fun in this last week.  Yesterday I went kayaking and tomorrow I’m hopeful to visit the Museum of Civilizations in Ottawa.  Today, my family is visiting to celebrate my mum’s birthday!Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Mum!”

Celebrating Lughnasadh with Bread

The sun is shining and, like Balor from the myths, threatens to kill anything that lingers in its rays too long.  Many in the US have been experiencing drought.  In Upstate NY, those of us who understand and value food worry about the relative lack of rain.  Thankfully there has been some this weekend, butContinue reading “Celebrating Lughnasadh with Bread”

Ditzy Druid Doings

Hello everyone!  Terribly sorry for the infrequent posts this months.  As always, I’ve had a lot going on.  I’m taking one class at the moment and preparing for my sister’s bridal shower.  I’ve spent a majority of my free time cleaning my art room (it was a terrible mess, really…), crocheting, watching “Firefly” with myContinue reading “Ditzy Druid Doings”