On Knowing My Limits and Rethinking Failure

The craft show went well.  The Stone Soup Storytelling festival was relatively successful given the weather, but I wouldn’t call my vending a huge success.  I sold some things and received many compliments, though, so that makes me happy.  We ended up leaving early because of a storm.  As I said to a friend, myContinue reading “On Knowing My Limits and Rethinking Failure”

Bridal Showers, Sewing, and Homework – Oh My!

My three day retreat turned into a twoish day retreat thanks to the stresses in the subject line.  Not that sewing is a stress per se, I just have this weekend’s craft show looming over my head…  I always worry about having a blank looking table…  I’ve been spending my free time stitching mushroom spirits,Continue reading “Bridal Showers, Sewing, and Homework – Oh My!”

A Lazy Evening with X-Files and “Better Book Titles.”

Oh my Gods, I feel so out of it today.  I’ve decided I just have too much going on.  I’m taking it as a blessing that the local zumba classes have been cancelled until Fall.  One less thing not to feel guilty about putting off today.  I felt like a zombie at work.  I kindContinue reading “A Lazy Evening with X-Files and “Better Book Titles.””

Second Moon – Last Quarter – Part One

I didn’t really intend to blog today, but I cannot find my beloved journal!  I record my retreat experiences in there.  I always end up sharing some details here and save the more personal material for my paper journal.  Now I don’t know where it went…  I feel as if I’ve looked everywhere!  Who fairiedContinue reading “Second Moon – Last Quarter – Part One”

Second Moon – Full Moon (For Real)

Monday was not a fun day.  Well, there were moments of fun, particularly at the end when Weretoad and I started to watch an adorable anime series about a cat named Chi.  Otherwise, it was not a good day.  I don’t feel like going into it – at least right now – but I wasContinue reading “Second Moon – Full Moon (For Real)”

Druid Fortress, Traveling Altars, and Nine Moons

I had a stressful and somewhat scary experience last night.  I decided to do the Druid Fortress exercise as a way to shield myself.  It worked very well and is calming and strengthening at the same time.  Feeling the energy is very assuring. I’m realizing that my traveling altar needs some work.  Doing rituals inContinue reading “Druid Fortress, Traveling Altars, and Nine Moons”

Nine Moons – First Retreat

On Saturday I started the Nine Moons program authored by Ian Corrigan.  I might have mentioned this before, but a group of us volunteered to be his human guinea pigs.  It’s designed to compliment the Initiate Program – its more magical aspects in particular. Saturday was the New Moon retreat and it was a learningContinue reading “Nine Moons – First Retreat”

A Bathroom as a Sanctuary

In one of the bathrooms at work, there’s a stall by an opaque, southern facing window.  I go there sometimes when I’m feeling stressed or tired.  The sun shines through it and turns it into a warm paradise.  I like to go there, close my eyes, and breathe.  Life has been busy recently thanks toContinue reading “A Bathroom as a Sanctuary”