A Quiet but Lovely Winter Solstice

Our 2012 Winter Solstice tree – Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2012   I woke up a little early the morning of the Solstice to begin preparations for our little feast.  As I chopped potatoes, carrots, and onions, I kept my eye on the window and watched as the world grew increasingly illuminated.  Although overcast, theContinue reading “A Quiet but Lovely Winter Solstice”

A Little Me Time

I feel like I’m always starting posts with a line about being busy and stressed and blah de blah de blah.  Well, life has been really hectic this year.  I tweeted yesterday about feeling spiritually suffocated.  During these times, I feel so disconnected.  It’s so easy to become depressed in a mire of uninteresting books,Continue reading “A Little Me Time”

The Ditzy Druid Joins The Witches Yuletide Ball!

Despite family and college-related stress, I’ve finally managed to take part in the ball!  I had grand schemes but, because of everything going on, I will just share what I did today. After a long morning and afternoon of class and meetings, I spent a majority of my evening prepping for the Winter Solstice celebrations.Continue reading “The Ditzy Druid Joins The Witches Yuletide Ball!”

Druid on the Down-Low

We received notice last night that our land lady and maintenance crew would be coming today to inspect our apartment before doing some much-needed renovations to the kitchen and bathroom.  We’ve been expecting this for months but we thought we would have more notice…  We recently called to say something else in the kitchen neededContinue reading “Druid on the Down-Low”

Samhain Divination

Without getting too specific, my Samhain omen was quite good.  It spoke of new beginnings, which makes sense for our new year.  There were other messages, of course, and they all urged me to rekindle my practice – especially in the forest.  I’ve been feeling so “out of it” due to these classes…  I’m soContinue reading “Samhain Divination”

On Knowing My Limits

Hello readers!  Sorry for the inactivity as of late.  Same old story, of course.  This is just a busy time for me.  I cannot wait to be finished with these grad classes.  That said, I always catch myself thinking of other classes to take down the road…  My husband likes to laugh at me andContinue reading “On Knowing My Limits”

Online Multiple Personality “Disorder” in Paganism

There are a lot of pagans out there who are very open and feel comfortable using their legal name in connection to their every move, including grove/coven web pages, Facebook profiles, blogs, etc.  If you are one of those people, that is awesome.  We need more Pagans to come out of the broom closet andContinue reading “Online Multiple Personality “Disorder” in Paganism”

A Solitary Autumn Equinox Ritual

From High Day Celebrations I apologize right now if this post rambles.  I’ve got a lot on my mind, I guess! Blessed Autumn to everyone in the northern hemisphere!  I hope you’re enjoying the changing leaves, apple cider, and other signs of the season as much as I am.  Despite my busy schedule and doctor’sContinue reading “A Solitary Autumn Equinox Ritual”

Maintaining a Magical, Spiritual Life When Overwhelmed

One of the biggest challenges to living a Pagan life is integrating our spirituality into our everyday lives.  It’s so easy to put it off until the high days and occasionally light a candle when we feel desperate.  Trust me – I know.  I used to be like that when I first became a PaganContinue reading “Maintaining a Magical, Spiritual Life When Overwhelmed”