Chillin’ in Clayton with My Grovies

“Chillin’” probably isn’t the right word since the North Country, only just recently recovering from a huge snow storm, is experiencing a bit of a heatwave.  It was a rainy day, but several people from Northern Rivers took advantage of the break in winter weather and met up at a coffee house in Clayton, NY.Continue reading “Chillin’ in Clayton with My Grovies”

Northern NY Nature Spirits: Sturgeon in the St. Lawrence River

Check out this amazing video from Jonathan Bird’s Blue World.  It’s all about environmental efforts to help one of my favorite fish – the sturgeon – in the St. Lawrence River.  Included is the first ever footage of them mating in a manmade spawning bed in the region!  Things like this give me hope, andContinue reading “Northern NY Nature Spirits: Sturgeon in the St. Lawrence River”

Living Druidism as an American

Sometimes, I ponder my path in relation to my location and nationality. There are times when I can’t help but wonder if my Druidism is somehow “less connected” than if I were actually living in Ireland, Scotland, England, Cornwall, etc…  Am I less connected to the Tuatha de Danann who are so intimately intertwined withContinue reading “Living Druidism as an American”

A Local Haunt!

Today, the Watertown Daily times reported that there’s going to be a haunted walk in historic Sackets Harbor!  Based on actual ghost stories from the area, local drama students will lead guests through the streets by lantern.  It’s supposed to be a similar experience to the Haunted Walks in Ottawa and Kingston.  Considering that thereContinue reading “A Local Haunt!”