The Ditzy Druid Goes Shopping

I’ve been thinking about Pagan shops for awhile and contemplating a post about them.  Since October, really, when I visited a “New Age” shop in Kingston, Ontario.  I have this love/hate relationship with Pagan stores.  I love when they exist in cities and towns.  They can be great meeting places for fellowship and education.  EspeciallyContinue reading “The Ditzy Druid Goes Shopping”

Out on the Town

A local man, who happens to offer psychic services, suffered a debilitating injury in an accident.  As he is beloved by the community, several friends decided to help him with his medical bills and throw a weekend-long bash.  Last night they had a dinner and a local band performed.  Today, in honor of his talents,Continue reading “Out on the Town”

Solstice Shopping Gift Ideas

  I wanted to give a shout-out to “Da Toy Lady” on Etsy – Cat Lamson.  Although she specializes in wooden toys for children, including some adorable medieval-themed items such as hobby stick griffins, wobble dragons, and swords, she is a lady of many talents! I purchased a beautiful brooch from her as an anniversaryContinue reading “Solstice Shopping Gift Ideas”

Reconsidering the Sage Smudge Stick

Root Simple shared some great information on White Sage.  Mrs. Homegrown has been taking some classes with Cecilia Garcia and James Adams, Jr. – authors, healers, and, in Mr. Adams case, a professor or pharmacology and botany.  They have an interesting take on the wastefulness of smudge sticks – something many New Agers and Pagans useContinue reading “Reconsidering the Sage Smudge Stick”

Happy Birthday, Mum!

Sorry for the infrequent posts, readers.  Summer vacation is almost over and I suddenly feel as if I’m trying to cram all of my fun in this last week.  Yesterday I went kayaking and tomorrow I’m hopeful to visit the Museum of Civilizations in Ottawa.  Today, my family is visiting to celebrate my mum’s birthday!Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Mum!”

Amendment to my Post on Suffering with Thoughts on Environmentalism and Reciprocation

Yesterday, I was inspired to discuss the concept of suffering and why it exists.  It’s a difficult topic to write or even think about because I’m well aware that my experience with suffering is so small compared to others.  It’s very easy for a caucasian woman of the middle class to analyze from her comfortableContinue reading “Amendment to my Post on Suffering with Thoughts on Environmentalism and Reciprocation”

My Beltaine

Yesterday, Weretoad and I went to Syracuse to celebrate Beltaine with the folks at Muin Mound Grove.  We had a wonderful time.   I feel a greater familial bond with everyone. I celebrate everyone’s victories, lament their tragedies, cry when they cry, and laugh at inside jokes.  This Beltaine marked my fourth anniversary with them.Continue reading “My Beltaine”