Trance 1: Yoga and Consecrations

I’m proud to say that I did my Three Realms Yoga* yesterday and this morning.  I went downstairs before anyone else, opened the curtains in the windows facing the back forest, and moved through my poses.  It rained all day Saturday, and today is a sunny autumn day.  The difference in weather mixed with two daysContinue reading “Trance 1: Yoga and Consecrations”

Looking for Pagan Supplies? Shop Local!

It’s “Small Business Saturday,” so I went to one of my favorite villages to support the local shops as I prepare for Winter Solstice giving. Supporting local businesses is so important when it comes to living more sustainably. Making such efforts is important to me on my path.  If you’re going to spend money onContinue reading “Looking for Pagan Supplies? Shop Local!”

Ditzy Druid Goes Shopping: Les Savons de LouLou

A photo of Louise Psarras-Bly taken by  my friend Honey Loo.  This was at a soap making workshop given in Watertown, NY. Name of Shop: Les Savons de LouLou Owner: Louise Psarras-Bly Specialty: Natural body products like soaps, lotions, and lip balms.  Emphasis on natural! Location: Carthage, NY but also online.  She will ship anywhere in the USA.Continue reading “Ditzy Druid Goes Shopping: Les Savons de LouLou”

The Ditzy Druid Goes Shopping: Stang and Cauldron

This is my first official post in which I review and recommend Pagan shops.  In my introduction to the series, The Ditzy Druid Goes Shopping, I lament the quality of products in most metaphysical shops but agree that they are still important places to strengthen community, educate, and provide tools to newer Pagans.  Unfortunately, onceContinue reading “The Ditzy Druid Goes Shopping: Stang and Cauldron”

Purifying Antiques for Use in Ritual

Nearly a month ago, I posted about visiting a local antique shop and purchasing twin brass bowls.  I knew nothing of their previous use.  How many hands had passed them?  I did not feel anything inherently negative about them (I doubt I would have purchased them if I had), but unless I craft a tool,Continue reading “Purifying Antiques for Use in Ritual”

Ditzy Druid Doings: Adventures in the Adirondacks and Antique Stores

My husband and I are on vacation this week.  This time last year, we went to Ireland and I wish we could return this year.  Instead, we’re doing what responsible adults do and are saving money for a home and land.  Despite that, we did want to go on a trip.  We decided to stay closeContinue reading “Ditzy Druid Doings: Adventures in the Adirondacks and Antique Stores”

The Ditzy Druid Goes Shopping

I’ve been thinking about Pagan shops for awhile and contemplating a post about them.  Since October, really, when I visited a “New Age” shop in Kingston, Ontario.  I have this love/hate relationship with Pagan stores.  I love when they exist in cities and towns.  They can be great meeting places for fellowship and education.  EspeciallyContinue reading “The Ditzy Druid Goes Shopping”

Out on the Town

A local man, who happens to offer psychic services, suffered a debilitating injury in an accident.  As he is beloved by the community, several friends decided to help him with his medical bills and throw a weekend-long bash.  Last night they had a dinner and a local band performed.  Today, in honor of his talents,Continue reading “Out on the Town”

Solstice Shopping Gift Ideas

  I wanted to give a shout-out to “Da Toy Lady” on Etsy – Cat Lamson.  Although she specializes in wooden toys for children, including some adorable medieval-themed items such as hobby stick griffins, wobble dragons, and swords, she is a lady of many talents! I purchased a beautiful brooch from her as an anniversaryContinue reading “Solstice Shopping Gift Ideas”