An Herbal Cleanse

In what seems like a never-ending quest to better organize our small home, I decided an herbal cleanse was in order. I mean that very literally in that it was time go through my old trunk of herbs and sundry. I’ve learned over the years that there is an optimal way to store dried plants.Continue reading “An Herbal Cleanse”

The Ebb and Flow of Summer Solstice and the New Moon

For me, the Summer Solstice is a time of endings and beginnings. Vacation begins for me and many others in my field. Students go home. Several of my students moved on and I may never see or hear from them again. That was a hard pill to swallow as I had grown especially fond ofContinue reading “The Ebb and Flow of Summer Solstice and the New Moon”

I am not… I am…

I am not: a very negative person a mathematician the best at managing my time a violent person verbally abusive towards other religions, even ones I don’t understand a meat eater mentally disciplined at this moment a bard a warrior a neat freak a porn star a palm reader polyamorous polydactyl afraid of the darkContinue reading “I am not… I am…”