Where Do I Put Offerings?

If there’s one positive to come out of some of the more bizarre news in the online Pagan and witchcraft communities this weekend, it’s that it brought many of us together in conversation. Yesterday a relatively new Pagan posted in a local FB group about the whole “hexing the moon and the Fae” nonsense, butContinue reading “Where Do I Put Offerings?”

Nova’s “Ghosts of Murdered Kings”

I recently watched “Ghosts of Murdered Kings” on PBS.  If you follow the link, you’ll be able to stream it on their website.  This documentary focuses on the research surrounding the various bog bodies that have been uncovered throughout much of Northern Europe.  I was able to see some bog bodies in person, first one atContinue reading “Nova’s “Ghosts of Murdered Kings””

Amendment to my Post on Suffering with Thoughts on Environmentalism and Reciprocation

Yesterday, I was inspired to discuss the concept of suffering and why it exists.  It’s a difficult topic to write or even think about because I’m well aware that my experience with suffering is so small compared to others.  It’s very easy for a caucasian woman of the middle class to analyze from her comfortableContinue reading “Amendment to my Post on Suffering with Thoughts on Environmentalism and Reciprocation”