Bealtaine With Northern Rivers

  Northern Rivers celebrated its second Bealtaine together on May 10th.  The skies, which had been full of rain clouds, became pleasant and even sunny.  Perfect Maypole weather!  What a blessing! I’ve never found evidence that the ancient Celts celebrated the holiday with a Maypole, but it’s become such an important part of the modernContinue reading “Bealtaine With Northern Rivers”

Why Earth Hour is Still Relevant to Me

Earth Hour has come and gone on the East Coast of the USA.  I believe this is my sixth year participating.  I remember the first year my husband (then fiance) and I took part.  We turned all the lights off and went for a lovely evening stroll.  This year, although things are warming up, it’s aContinue reading “Why Earth Hour is Still Relevant to Me”

Keeping in Touch with the Ancestors

I honor and work with the Three Kindreds: the Nature Spirits, Gods and Goddesses, and the Ancestors.  The later tends to fall to the sidelines all too often in my daily practice, which is very unfortunate.  I pride myself and my tradition for paying better  attention to the beloved dead, but I know I haveContinue reading “Keeping in Touch with the Ancestors”

Babies Make Meditation Hard

My baby is like a little anchor to the physical realm.  It’s so difficult to meditate with her.  Trance is pretty much impossible now.  I’m sure it’s different for every parent, and I am certainly curious about what others have experienced. Babies depend on their mothers for food, warmth, protection, and love.  Mothers are biologicallyContinue reading “Babies Make Meditation Hard”

Pagan Parenting: Singing to the Sky

I’ve quickly learned that babies make usual ritual very difficult, especially if you’re like me and were used to doing quiet devotionals just about every day!  I’ve had to explore new ways to engage in my spirituality.  I’ve found nightly prayer to be a fulfilling, mildly meditative practice.  But how to include my pre-verbal littleContinue reading “Pagan Parenting: Singing to the Sky”

Samhain Harmony

I keep seeing or hearing people discuss how they feel Samhain and/or  Halloween should be celebrated.  Some say it’s too scary; others that it isn’t scary enough.  Some call for more reverence for the ancestors; others feel the holiday has become too somber in Pagan culture.  Those later folk embrace the carnival nature that secularContinue reading “Samhain Harmony”

My Mother’s Dream Superstition – Don’t Share Your Dreams Before Breakfast

I recently posted about how my mother’s insecurities carried over to me with regards to hospitality in my home.  That one small thing aside, I’ve inherited many other good and interesting qualities – her superstitions being some of them!  Growing up, my mother taught my sister and I several small folk traditions, sometimes thinly veiledContinue reading “My Mother’s Dream Superstition – Don’t Share Your Dreams Before Breakfast”

Pagan Parenting: A DIY COoR Quiet Book

Fellow ADFer and new mama, Jan of The Sapling Project  shared an amazing project that she’s been working on for her daughter.  She’s calling it a Core Order of Ritual (COoR) Quiet Book.  Those in ADF know that the COoR is our liturgical outline.  A quiet book is a soft, often textually interesting book for babies.Continue reading “Pagan Parenting: A DIY COoR Quiet Book”

Doing What I Can, When I Can

Now that Baby Bee is here, I’m struggling to maintain my previous Druidic practices.  The various study programs I’ve been working on in ADF?  If I was slow before, I’m going to be at a snail’s pace now!  My nightly devotionals have ceased for the time being due to exhaustion.  I’m on the baby’s scheduleContinue reading “Doing What I Can, When I Can”