Huzzah for “Thor!”

Weretoad and I saw “Thor” today. We’ve been anticipating this movie for awhile now. My husband has actually read some “Thor” comics and has this strange little agnostic crush on the God.  I, of course, am a practicing Pagan and wanted to see some Gods on the big screen!  Finally, we’ve both been enjoying theContinue reading “Huzzah for “Thor!””

On the death of an enemy

I’m trying to wrap my brain around how I should be feeling right now.  I feel a mixture of emotions – neither apathy nor the desire to party.  You see, I have pacifistic desires, idealist that I am, but I am also a realist who is proud of her Celtic and Viking heritage.  What wouldContinue reading “On the death of an enemy”

Visting My Family for Easter

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but a majority of my clan is Catholic.    Thus I find myself  visiting my family for their Easter celebration.  Now, I used to be an active participant.  As a child, my mother  woke us up singing either “Peter Cottontail” or “In Your Easter Bonnet.”  We would find and thenContinue reading “Visting My Family for Easter”

Hindus Find a Ganges in Queens, to Park Rangers’ Dismay –

Hindus Find a Ganges in Queens, to Park Rangers’ Dismay – This was an interesting article on the impact of sacrifices to rivers by some members of the Hindu community in the US – mostly new immigrants who have yet to learn our rules or adapt their spiritual practices. I often think about theseContinue reading “Hindus Find a Ganges in Queens, to Park Rangers’ Dismay –”

The Whole “St. Patrick’s Day vs. All Snakes Day” Thing

Happy Irish Heritage Day, I say to you all!  Why that as opposed to the above salutations?  Well, St. Paddy’s Day is a bit too Catholic for me and I gave that up years ago.  And All Snakes Day?  Well…  That just doesn’t jive with me because it’s very confrontational.  Well, that and it’s notContinue reading “The Whole “St. Patrick’s Day vs. All Snakes Day” Thing”

The Wild Hunt » Natives Against Native Religion

The story about discrimination within the Cree Indian Nation posted on “The Wild Hunt” today is interesting to me.  My main spiritual focus is Druidic of course.  It is what I feel called to and I believe a large part of that is due to my predominantly northern European, namely Celtic, heritage.  I do, however,Continue reading “The Wild Hunt » Natives Against Native Religion”