Pregnant Pagan: Intuition

Even though I’m no longer pregnant, I have a few “Pregnant Pagan” posts floating around for tweaking and publishing.  Bear with me as I transition into “Pagan Parenting” posts and the regular reflections on Druidism that you’re used to! One of the most magical parts of pregnancy for me was the intuition.  Finding out IContinue reading “Pregnant Pagan: Intuition”

Pregnant Pagan: Birth and Motherhood Crane Bag

What is a crane bag? The answer: not hard. The lovely Aoife was turned into a crane and lived about the seas of Manannan Mac Lir for many hard years.  When she died, the great Sea Lord took her skin and made a magical bag that could hold his most beloved treasures.  It’s said to beContinue reading “Pregnant Pagan: Birth and Motherhood Crane Bag”

Pregnant Pagan: Mystical Forest Mobile

I finally finished the mobile I was working on for our baby!  I decided to go with a woodland theme because I definitely want to instill a love of nature in my daughter. I included some subtle Pagan hints, mostly because they are protective.  I used a combination of natural, found materials, felt, cotton threadContinue reading “Pregnant Pagan: Mystical Forest Mobile”

Pregnant Pagan: It’s Here!

I have some thoughts brewing about my impending move and my garden, but I can’t help but gush!  Huzzah!  My new Hygeia breast pump is here! With all my talk about desiring a natural birth, it probably won’t be a surprise that I also hope to breast feed.  A friend of mine actually gave meContinue reading “Pregnant Pagan: It’s Here!”

Pregnant Pagan: Letting Go of the Doula Dream

After watching “The Business of Being Born” and reading Birthing From Within, I was very interested in hiring a doula to assist with my birth – particularly one trained in massage, meditation, and aromatherapy.  They are supposed to be very helpful to women who desire natural births.  I mean, come on.  The idea of some “wiseContinue reading “Pregnant Pagan: Letting Go of the Doula Dream”

Pregnant Pagan: Mother Blessings and Showers

My baby shower was on Saturday, and what a lovely celebration it was!  As I’m easier to fatigue lately, I decided I only wanted one big shower rather than having to travel elsewhere for other smaller ones.  I’m glad I listened to my instincts about this well in advance.  After my grandfather’s funeral the weekendContinue reading “Pregnant Pagan: Mother Blessings and Showers”

Pregnant Pagan: The Importance of Hope

The news is full of tragedy.  Sometimes, it’s easy to forget it exists.  We wrap ourselves in cocoons of modern comfort, alternative realities, and a seemingly never-ending lists of things to do.    It can be easy to take comfort in the forest, the river, the garden and let the rest of the world fallContinue reading “Pregnant Pagan: The Importance of Hope”

Pregnant Pagan: Childproofing the Altar Area

Pregnancy brings many practical safety concerns.  Those nice open outlets that were always so convenient need capping.  Cabinets with easily accessible cleaning supplies suddenly seem like death traps at worse or, at least, mess factories.  Coffee table corners become menacing obstacles.  Most expecting parents who choose to have a registry will add various safety doodadsContinue reading “Pregnant Pagan: Childproofing the Altar Area”

Meditating on Ériu

Last year started what is clearly becoming a tradition for me.  As March is Irish Heritage month, I take it as a time to reflect on and honor the sovereignty Goddess of Ireland – Ériu.  Chelly has also been focusing on her and shares some wonderful musings in her latest post.  I was inspired and reminded ofContinue reading “Meditating on Ériu”