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Once more, three mini posts inside a big one! Trying to remain positive in light of a lot of anxiety at the moment.

A Low-Key Full Moon

I had plans for the full moon, and they collapsed, much as I did into bed, that night. The impact of losing an hour is amazing (on top of coming out of an intense Mercury in retrograde). This is unusual for me as full moons find me more energetic! After some reflection, I realized it’s okay. Listening to our bodies is important, after all. I altered my plans and did a simple folk charm during my devotional, and I prepared a bone to join the nature shrine. While I lacked the energy for my initial plans, I think everything turned out in the end.

Tree Spirit!


Plush oak tree spirit made by M. A. Phillips 3/12/20 (Forgive the appearance of my sleeping garden.)

Writing has been my main focus for a few years now, but if you’ve been with me since the beginning, you know I also love to sew. I used to make (and sell) tree spirits at craft fairs, Pagan Prides, and on my now shuttered Etsy. Last year, a friend from a local artisan co-op approached me about adding some to their stock. I wasn’t ready last year, but I’m making some for this summer! The best part? Unlike before, this lovely little guy is made without plastic. That’s right! The felt and stuffing are wool, the thread is cotton, and the eyes are glass. Mindfully choosing materials that are less detrimental to the environment is very important to me, and I think it adds to the magic of these little sprites. Making him sure added a spot of sunshine to my week!

A New Excerpt!

ch 2 excerpt lidia's store

Lidia spread her arms wide. “Presenting the yet-to-be-named boutique of magic and shenanigans!”
Cian and Lacey chuckled in admiration. Not even Mark’s skepticism could deflate her plans.
“It must have shenanigans if you’re involved,” Cian pointed out.
“It must,” Lacey agreed. “It wouldn’t be Lidia’s store without it.”
The other woman flashed an impish grin. The streetlights shimmered in her green and blond hair. She twinkled like a shooting star. Lidia seemed to have everything figured out, and it transfixed Lacey.
RIVER MAGIC by M. A. Phillips

I’m still participating in the Dark and Light Author Challenge over on Instagram. Check mine out for more insight into my novel, RIVER MAGIC. The above excerpt gives a little glimpse at one of my favorite secondary characters, Lidia. She’s an eclectic solitary Wiccan who opens a metaphysical shop in their community. She’s also one of Lacey’s best friends and confidants. One day, I will write a whole story focused on her.

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It’s been awhile since I’ve shared any of my sewing projects.  I’ve been busily working in preparation for some upcoming craft shows, including a Renaissance faire in Northern NY.  Because I’ve been so busy with college and illness, I’ve spent a lot of time relaxing on the couch.  I’ve never been able to simply sit and watch things.  Even in movie theaters, I sometimes wish I had a little light so I could sew or crochet.  At home, I love to work on little projects when watching my favorite shows.  Although I do some hand stitching on larger projects, like the consignments I have, I usually save that time for smaller things.  Usually, those smaller things are made out of felt.

I used to hate felt.  I thought it was difficult to use, pulled and warped in annoying ways…  Then I figured out how to work with it!  Now it’s one of my favorite fabrics.  It doesn’t fray easily, comes in many fun colors, and can be made from natural materials (wool) or recycled materials.  I do worry about the plastic fibers and dying process, but that’s something I’ve been concerned about as a whole as someone who sews.

Anyway, on to my creations!

I might have shown this before…  But this is a Rowan Tree Spirit.
Purely for fun and whimsy – a Tree Spirit of Hearts
Several gnomes – including a younger one.  I rather like him.  Some were made with a felt that had silver circles.  I’m not sure how I feel about them…
Some wee Green Men.  Squee!  Could become ornaments or pins.
Green Men pins!
And of course, more baby dragon ornaments.

I’m not sure how much will end up on Etsy since I’m really trying to build up my stock.  The Renaissance show is going to be three days long…  I’ve done two day shows before but I’m just worried about not having enough.  Especially the little things.

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baby green dragon

Another baby dragon hatched last night!  He’s made of felt, fleece, wire, new and recycled stuffing, polyester thread, and plastic eyes.  I tweaked the pattern and am happy with the result.  He sits up more.  Weretoad thinks he looks like he’s doing a belly flop.  I think he looks like he’s flying.
baby green dragon 2

Here’s a different view.


I plan to make some more dragons but would like to make sea monsters too!  Two people have already suggested that.

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