Faux Candles for Imbolc: A Toddler-Friendly Craft

Bee shows a greater interest in what I do, and she loves to honor nature outside and inside at her nature table / play altar. The one thing she was missing was a representation of fire – one of the Three Hallows in my Druidic tradition, and an important part of any Celtic spirituality.  I’veContinue reading “Faux Candles for Imbolc: A Toddler-Friendly Craft”

Pagan Parenting: Pinecone and Acorn Treasure Basket

  I’ve already written a bit about treasure baskets in the past.  Now that Bee is older, they’re becoming even more fun!  Currently, she has a basket of different pinecones and acorns on her “play altar” / “nature table.”  It’s been a great way for her to explore some of Mother Nature’s diversity.  It’s anContinue reading “Pagan Parenting: Pinecone and Acorn Treasure Basket”

Pagan Parenting: Spring Gnome Tutorial

With spring right right around the corner, I thought it was time to make Bee another gnome! I decided to make a tutorial so you could make your own gnomes for the little ones in your life.  Follow along or get creative and follow your own whimsy! Materials: Grey Catsidhe’s gnome pattern felt in theContinue reading “Pagan Parenting: Spring Gnome Tutorial”

Pagan Parenting: Treasure Baskets

  Have you ever heard of treasure baskets?  They are a simple, wonderful, and magical idea for play.  They are a large part of Montessori philosophy which embraces heuristic play.  Here’s a great introduction to the concept, including suggestions. I was inspired to make a treasure basket all about Druidism.    Traditionally, treasure baskets areContinue reading “Pagan Parenting: Treasure Baskets”