Fable: The Lost Art of the Spoken Word

My husband recently encouraged me to join Reddit so that I could take advantage of the vast gardening community there. While exploring, I found a subreddit dedicted to Druidism which was where I discovered this gem – “Fable: The Lost Art of the Spoken Word.” It features many bards from the Druidic community, namely PhilipContinue reading “Fable: The Lost Art of the Spoken Word”

Druidic Family Values

With the GOP primary and the upcoming presidential race, there’s been some discussion about family values on the radio.  Many of the conservative candidates claim that they represent “family values” in the USA.  I always cringe when I hear that.  I studied a little (a little) linguistics in college, and I remember one particular lecture aboutContinue reading “Druidic Family Values”

What is a Modern Druid?

I’ve seen some discussion about what a Druid actually is around the Pagan blogosphere.  Since I call myself one, albeit of the ditzy variety, I thought I should add my two cents for those who are curious.  I want you to know right from the beginning that I understand there is more than one traditionContinue reading “What is a Modern Druid?”

Can’t get your head around the Oak/Holly King cycle? « The Bardic Blog

Can’t get your head around the Oak/Holly King cycle? « The Bardic Blog. I generally don’t consider the Oak and Holly King in my rituals. They don’t seem to be part of traditional Celtic lore. At least, I haven’t seen them anywhere… That said, the actual trees do play a role in our seasonal observations.Continue reading “Can’t get your head around the Oak/Holly King cycle? « The Bardic Blog”