The Divine in the North Country

I’m a few days early, but I’ve nearly been living in Northern NY for two years.  It feels like I’ve been here longer than that, but I guess winters slow our perception of time.  I moved here for a job.  It’s taken me awhile to feel part of the area.  The forest near our apartmentContinue reading “The Divine in the North Country”

A big, nasty plant

Upstate NYers should be aware of the dangers associated with Giant Hogweed. People new to foraging and wildcrafting (like me!) and parents with children who like to gather wildflowers should be extremely careful and have field guides on hand.  Check out the post from North Country Public Radio to get informed. A big, nasty plantContinue reading “A big, nasty plant”

Black Bear Study Upends Some Popular Perceptions –

An Interesting article from the NY Times explaining a recent study on black bears. This is of particular interest to me in Northern NY. I go off in the woods often and, while I’m never too far from home, I do live in bear country. There have been sightings in my village before. The possibilityContinue reading “Black Bear Study Upends Some Popular Perceptions –”