Purifying Antiques for Use in Ritual

Nearly a month ago, I posted about visiting a local antique shop and purchasing twin brass bowls.  I knew nothing of their previous use.  How many hands had passed them?  I did not feel anything inherently negative about them (I doubt I would have purchased them if I had), but unless I craft a tool,Continue reading “Purifying Antiques for Use in Ritual”

On Knowing My Limits

Hello readers!  Sorry for the inactivity as of late.  Same old story, of course.  This is just a busy time for me.  I cannot wait to be finished with these grad classes.  That said, I always catch myself thinking of other classes to take down the road…  My husband likes to laugh at me andContinue reading “On Knowing My Limits”

Feeling out of sorts as we enter the new season…

I’m back from my sister’s lovely wedding and back to feeling out of sorts.  This is just not my year with regards to health, is it?  In addition to a cold or allergies, I’ve been experiencing some stomach discomfort. Before heading to the wedding, I was lucky enough to get an appointment with my doctorContinue reading “Feeling out of sorts as we enter the new season…”

Working with the Nine Moons – 6th Moon: Full Moon

As usual, my schedule makes doing the Nine Moons as prescribed by Ian challenging.  Often, I’ve had to alter things to fit my needs.  This week, for example, I’m once more taking college courses at night (twice a week) and have a wedding to attend over the weekend.  A busy time to be sure! ThisContinue reading “Working with the Nine Moons – 6th Moon: Full Moon”

Honoring the Nature Spirits

Sometimes, honoring the nature spirits can seem like a chore.  In the winter, one must don warm clothing and boots.  In the summer, it’s long pants and sweatshirts – despite the heat – to combat mosquitos.  Streams of sweat will run down your body as you make the trek to the shrines because you builtContinue reading “Honoring the Nature Spirits”

Ditzy Druid Doings

Hello everyone!  Terribly sorry for the infrequent posts this months.  As always, I’ve had a lot going on.  I’m taking one class at the moment and preparing for my sister’s bridal shower.  I’ve spent a majority of my free time cleaning my art room (it was a terrible mess, really…), crocheting, watching “Firefly” with myContinue reading “Ditzy Druid Doings”

Nine Moons: 4th Moon – Part 1

After the debacle of a schedule that was June, I am finally getting back into Ian Corrigan’s Nine Moons.  For those of you just joining me, it’s a regime of spiritual retreat days that emphasizes ritual, meditation, and trance as well as strengthening ties to the Three Kindreds.  It is supposed to compliment ADF’s InitiateContinue reading “Nine Moons: 4th Moon – Part 1”

On Knowing My Limits and Rethinking Failure

The craft show went well.  The Stone Soup Storytelling festival was relatively successful given the weather, but I wouldn’t call my vending a huge success.  I sold some things and received many compliments, though, so that makes me happy.  We ended up leaving early because of a storm.  As I said to a friend, myContinue reading “On Knowing My Limits and Rethinking Failure”

Bridal Showers, Sewing, and Homework – Oh My!

My three day retreat turned into a twoish day retreat thanks to the stresses in the subject line.  Not that sewing is a stress per se, I just have this weekend’s craft show looming over my head…  I always worry about having a blank looking table…  I’ve been spending my free time stitching mushroom spirits,Continue reading “Bridal Showers, Sewing, and Homework – Oh My!”

A Lazy Evening with X-Files and “Better Book Titles.”

Oh my Gods, I feel so out of it today.  I’ve decided I just have too much going on.  I’m taking it as a blessing that the local zumba classes have been cancelled until Fall.  One less thing not to feel guilty about putting off today.  I felt like a zombie at work.  I kindContinue reading “A Lazy Evening with X-Files and “Better Book Titles.””