Natural Awareness Journal – January 5th, 2013

 Begin a regular practice of attunement to the land, including outdoor meditations and offerings to the Nature Spirits. It is suggested to pick a place easily accessible that you might be able to go to several times a week (such as an overgrown fence – row, a more ‘wild’ section of your backyard, possibly a city park, or even a balcony garden, etc)Continue reading “Natural Awareness Journal – January 5th, 2013”

Stop, Drop (Everything), and Step Outside

Dear readers, I’d like to lead you on a very short active meditation.  You need this.  No, really – you do. When you’re done reading this, I want you to go outside.  Look away from your large and small screens.  If you can’t go out (if you’re stuck in an office, for example, and it’sContinue reading “Stop, Drop (Everything), and Step Outside”

Death and Suffering in the Forest

Originally, Northern Rivers Protogrove was going to meet today for a workshop and discussion.  That’s going to be rescheduled, but it gave me some free time to engage with Druidism in other ways.   I did something I’ve not felt up to in months – I took a walk in the forest. That’s right! It’sContinue reading “Death and Suffering in the Forest”

Stone Circle Visits and Didgeridoos

We joined our friends at the Kripalu Yoga Center for an enjoyable evening of camaraderie, feasting, music, and fun.  A gentleman gave a didgeridoo demonstration and discussed some of the tradition surrounding the instrument.  That was quite fascinating!  I’d never heard one in person before and it was surprisingly meditative.  My little one slept throughContinue reading “Stone Circle Visits and Didgeridoos”

A Visit to the Hedge

  The warm temperatures linger and school isn’t in session yet, but I feel autumn in the air.  The farmers’ markets are teeming with bounty. During our walks, Weretoad and I have spied some changing leaves!  The hedges have also shifted in color.  The warm green is starting to give way to the tans ofContinue reading “A Visit to the Hedge”

A Walk in the Forest

  When I woke up this morning, I felt the forest calling.  As if to emphasize it, a crow cawed as I shared my feelings about it on Twitter. Now that the wind isn’t so biting and the ground not so slippery, I could no longer ignore the calling to get back into the forest.Continue reading “A Walk in the Forest”

Autumn Colors

I try to get into the forest at least once a week.  It relaxes me, heals my emotional aches, and reminds me of what really matters. Although we’re in a season that focuses on death, there is a certain beauty about it.  And indeed, out of the death and decay, life is all around.  RedContinue reading “Autumn Colors”

Blueberry Harvesting and Forest Romps

We joined some friends to harvest blueberries today!  We weren’t able to get too many – we ended up with about two cups worth.  They are very tiny but so full of flavor!  Quite different from most store-bought varieties.  Collectively, we probably picked enough to make a pie, but apart…  I think our two cupsContinue reading “Blueberry Harvesting and Forest Romps”

Ditzy Druid Doings

I’ve been a bit light on updates over the past couple days.  Sometimes I worry I spend too much time as a techno Pagan.  I can get caught up in the blogosphere or in the online groups. It can distract me from accomplishing my personal goals and just living.  Being a Pagan, especially a Druid, isContinue reading “Ditzy Druid Doings”