What Candles are Least Offensive to the Earth Mother?

Grist had an excellent entry all about sustainable candles today.  The Pagan community loves candles and must go through thousands each year.  Imbolc, also known as Candlemass in England, is a good time to reflect on our candle usage.  Have you ever thought about the impact your candles have? Ask Umbra on avoiding candles connectedContinue reading “What Candles are Least Offensive to the Earth Mother?”

The Cailleach and Deer

  The Cailleach’s attendant animals are herds of deer and shaggy goats. Mr. McKay thinks that this militates against the idea that she was a goddess of winter, and he would place her as a deer-divinity, who belonged to a people in the hunting stage of existence, the cult of the deer having been superseded byContinue reading “The Cailleach and Deer”

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

A cold and various errands kept me out of the forest this past week.  I decided to get back out today.  I brought a small offering as well as some food scraps.  Some may balk at bringing “garbage” to the woods, but I don’t have an operational compost heap or worm bin at the moment.Continue reading “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”

This Druid Does Kitchen Magic

I never felt drawn to kitchen magic until I was properly settled down.  Prior to that I lived in two homes – my parents’ house and my boyfriend’s apartment (which actually belonged to his brother and sister-in-law).  I never felt like I had my own kitchen.  And even though I still don’t actually own aContinue reading “This Druid Does Kitchen Magic”

A Matter of Perspective

Weretoad and I went for a walk in the woods a moment ago.  It’s very dark and frigid out.  Snow blankets the forest and, because of the temperature, very little seemed to stir.  I brought an apple as an offering.  I prayed silently, asking/thanking the Spirits for their wisdom.  Suddenly we heard inhuman shrieking inContinue reading “A Matter of Perspective”