The Morrigan Doll

From Arts and Crafts This is the most recent doll I finished – a commissioned, OoaK fabric art doll of The Morrigan.  My grove mate wanted a representation for her altar but didn’t want anything too large.  This was a challenge for me because it needed to be small but detailed.  I went through severalContinue reading “The Morrigan Doll”

Musical Countdown to Samhain 2011 – The Morrigan

The Morrigan is to be honored at Samhain as she is the Goddess of death.  What’s more, when An Dagda slept with her on a Samhain night, she, a Goddess of sovereignty and battle, looked to the Tuatha de Dannan with favor and brought them victory in war.  Samhain is her time, thus the reasonContinue reading “Musical Countdown to Samhain 2011 – The Morrigan”

About a Bull – The Tain as an E-Graphic Novel

My friend Parallax sent this to me knowing I would go gaga over it.  Some of you may remember that I have a Gaelic graphic novelization of The Tain which I bought in Ireland.  For those of you who can’t get your hands on that (and the translation if you don’t speak fluent Irish), there’sContinue reading “About a Bull – The Tain as an E-Graphic Novel”

Look who just hatched from my art room!

Baby Dragon, a set on Flickr. I’m proud to present my newest creation – a baby dragon! She’s made of fleece, new and recycled stuffing, wire, and plastic eye-studs. She was made with an original pattern. I actually intend to tweak the pattern a bit because she’s very flat and doesn’t sit up well onContinue reading “Look who just hatched from my art room!”

Ramblings about Carmina Gadelica

A few years ago, I attempted to read Carmina Gadelica by Alexander Carmichael.  It’s freely available on Sacred Texts if you’re ever interested.  I think I didn’t get far because I find it difficult to read anything lengthy on a computer screen.  I read the introduction.  I remember nearly crying when I read about theContinue reading “Ramblings about Carmina Gadelica”

An Excerpt from Celtic Wonder-Tales by Ella Young

“I want to go back to Ireland.” “You will not find joyousness there, O Lugh, or the music of harp strings, or feasting.  The De Danaans are shorn of their strength.  Ogma, their Champion, carries logs to warm Fomorian hearths; Angus wanders like an outcast; and Nuada, the King, has but one dun, where thoseContinue reading “An Excerpt from Celtic Wonder-Tales by Ella Young”

Fun Things

First of all, I’m very proud of myself for cleaning the stove for my past three flame keeping nights.  I also cleaned some of the counter space and swept for good measure. Since tonight was my evening to honor Brighid, I was very pleased to get my Imbolc Artisan Trading Card from Caroline!  My originalContinue reading “Fun Things”