Stone Circle Visits and Didgeridoos

We joined our friends at the Kripalu Yoga Center for an enjoyable evening of camaraderie, feasting, music, and fun.  A gentleman gave a didgeridoo demonstration and discussed some of the tradition surrounding the instrument.  That was quite fascinating!  I’d never heard one in person before and it was surprisingly meditative.  My little one slept throughContinue reading “Stone Circle Visits and Didgeridoos”

“The Celts” – A Review

A grovie recently brought a documentary on Hulu to my attention.  It’s called “The Celts” and you’re able to watch it free online!  With six fifty minute episodes, I decided to give it a go while marathon nursing my little one (growth spurt, I guess?).  Narrated by John Morgan, it spans Celtic history from thatContinue reading ““The Celts” – A Review”

The Ditzy Druid Does the Central New York Pagan Pride Day, 2012

An image of the main ritual , a Keltrian Druid rite, from the Central New York Pagan Pride Day, 2012.  Photo by Weretoad. We woke and dressed just before sunrise.  It was going to be a long day.  Skip and Sharon Ellison, the keepers of Muin Mound Grove, very generously offered us hospitality in theirContinue reading “The Ditzy Druid Does the Central New York Pagan Pride Day, 2012”

The Ditzy Druid Does Belly Dance

“So, what is a Druid doing belly dance for?” you may be wondering.  “Shouldn’t you be doing céilí?” Well, first of all… a modern Druid can dance however she wants! Second… I never seem to be able to find a céilí class that is convenient for me.   Or find one at all.  When IContinue reading “The Ditzy Druid Does Belly Dance”

It’s a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

Have you ever listened to the various offerings from Symphony of Science?  If you haven’t, you really should.  Though spirituality and science are sometimes made to seem opposed to one another, the nature of the world and universe is something Druids love to think and learn about.  Many of the songs, which are auto-tuned lecturesContinue reading “It’s a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood”

Reflecting on my Spring Equinox Ritual at Muin Mound Grove

Blessed Spring! Here in the North East, the weather has been extraordinarily warm and sunny for March.  Signs of spring are everywhere: red buds on deciduous trees, returned song birds, ferns in the forest, spring peepers…  There have even been mosquitos and ticks! On Saturday, Muin Mound Grove celebrated early.  Since the celebration fell onContinue reading “Reflecting on my Spring Equinox Ritual at Muin Mound Grove”

“Neptune” by SJ Tucker

If you’re new to Pagan music, or if you’ve heard of SJ Tucker but never gave her a chance – check out her latest music video. It’s absolutely gorgeous and accompanies one of my favorite songs. I think its fantastic that she’s making her own music videos now. If you like it, support the artist and buy the song or album, “Mischief.” I highly recommend it!

Free Download of “Santa Claus is Pagan Too!”

I recently shared my ever-evolving Winter Solstice playlist, but began by lamenting my inability to digitally download a legal copy of  Emerald Rose’s “Santa Claus is Pagan Too.”  There were a few unscrupulous seeming places online offering it.  I was really tempted to try, but my fear of viruses and my commitment to supporting artistsContinue reading “Free Download of “Santa Claus is Pagan Too!””

My Winter Solstice Playlist

Last year I had a fun time sharing music videos and counting down to the Winter Solstice.  This year I’ve decided not to do that but I will share with you my current Solstice playlist.  It includes several Pagan tracks – both explicitly wintery and some that just strike me as such.  Also included areContinue reading “My Winter Solstice Playlist”