Samhain Harmony

I keep seeing or hearing people discuss how they feel Samhain and/or  Halloween should be celebrated.  Some say it’s too scary; others that it isn’t scary enough.  Some call for more reverence for the ancestors; others feel the holiday has become too somber in Pagan culture.  Those later folk embrace the carnival nature that secularContinue reading “Samhain Harmony”

Making Candles for Imbolc

Another way I am getting ready for Imbolc is by gathering old candles. They are stubs leftover from magic and ritual. Some say they should be buried, but I no longer do that. The last time I buried a candle, I discovered an animal had dug it up and chewed on the wax. I tendContinue reading “Making Candles for Imbolc”

Preparing for Imbolc

Imbolc is fast approaching and I can’t help but find myself anticipating it.  As Brighid is my patroness, this holiday has become particularly important to me.  The Wiccan group I used to work with emphasized quiet introspection, new beginnings, and storytelling in the dead of winter.  To them, it was Candlemas.  They did not particularlyContinue reading “Preparing for Imbolc”

Midsummer 2011

Well, another busy weekend has come and gone! And my, what a busy weekend it was. Things began as planned. Weretoad and I headed to Syracuse after work to attend a vigil for incoming grovies. Only…that didn’t happen. One of our beloved members had a medical emergency. We did some healing work before parting ways,Continue reading “Midsummer 2011”

Preparing for a Midsummer Vigil

Here comes another action-packed weekend!  After my husband and I finish work, we’re going to Syracuse to initiate a couple new members into the Folk of Muin Mound Grove.  It will be a long night consisting of a vigil, rituals, crafts, pizza…  I need to remember to pack white tapers and some sticks from localContinue reading “Preparing for a Midsummer Vigil”

On Knowing My Limits and Rethinking Failure

The craft show went well.  The Stone Soup Storytelling festival was relatively successful given the weather, but I wouldn’t call my vending a huge success.  I sold some things and received many compliments, though, so that makes me happy.  We ended up leaving early because of a storm.  As I said to a friend, myContinue reading “On Knowing My Limits and Rethinking Failure”

Springtime Reflections

On Saturday I joined my grovies at Muin Mound for our Vernal Equinox celebration and ritual.  My husband took some photos that I will be posting to the grove blog soon, so I won’t get into too much detail, but I wanted to mention a few things about my own experiences that evening.  I’m proudContinue reading “Springtime Reflections”

Fun Times

When I originally started this blog (when it was on Blogger) it was partially dedicated to getting used to the North Country.  I’ve been up here for nearly two years and it’s been an adjustment moving away from  dear family and friends, favorite hangouts, and such.  I still miss home and am continually amazed atContinue reading “Fun Times”

What have I been up to?

Imbolc is fast approaching and I’ve been getting ready!  I’m nearly done with this holiday’s artisan trading card and should have it in the mail by the end of the week.  In the meantime, here’s the offering I’ve made for Brighid.  It’s a sachet stuffed with wool and various dried herbs from my garden.  TheContinue reading “What have I been up to?”

Going Back to School

Tomorrow I will begin my graduate studies as a part time student.  I’m so excited to go back to college and I’m really happy with my new university (so happy that I bought a tshirt).  I’m a bit sad that the combination of distance, time, and finances dictate my need to attend a satellite campusContinue reading “Going Back to School”