The Ditzy Druid Does the Central New York Pagan Pride Day, 2012

An image of the main ritual , a Keltrian Druid rite, from the Central New York Pagan Pride Day, 2012.  Photo by Weretoad. We woke and dressed just before sunrise.  It was going to be a long day.  Skip and Sharon Ellison, the keepers of Muin Mound Grove, very generously offered us hospitality in theirContinue reading “The Ditzy Druid Does the Central New York Pagan Pride Day, 2012”

Lughnasadh 2012 at Muin Mound Grove

“Balor Archery Target” painted and photographed by Weretoad, 2012 We spent Saturday with my grove mates to celebrate Lughnasadh.  It was wonderful to see them after staying with my family for the Summer Solstice.  We held our traditional Lughnasadh games!  They were more low-key and less structured this year. We had other activities planned thisContinue reading “Lughnasadh 2012 at Muin Mound Grove”


Hail to the Nature Spirits, source of the grain harvest! We thank you for your bounty. Having made some bread, I’m off to bring the heal to the forest shrine as an offering of thanks.  I gave an offering of whiskey to Lugh this morning and am going to have a game night with myContinue reading “Celebrating”

My First Ever Family Summer Solstice

Everything was ready for our trip to Muin Mound Grove and our Summer Solstice celebration.  We were going to make clay suns in honor of the sky fire.  I already had some ideas for my design.  We plucked herbs from our garden to place on the Arimid mantle during the rite.  Weretoad and I were excitedlyContinue reading “My First Ever Family Summer Solstice”

Wellspring 2012

I recently posted about how I was anticipating Wellspring as a way to rejuvenate my Druidic studies and practice.  Weretoad and I were able to attend from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning.  For those of you who don’t know, Wellspring is a major ADF Druid festival held at the Brushwood Folklore Center in Sherman, NY.Continue reading “Wellspring 2012”

Reflecting on my Spring Equinox Ritual at Muin Mound Grove

Blessed Spring! Here in the North East, the weather has been extraordinarily warm and sunny for March.  Signs of spring are everywhere: red buds on deciduous trees, returned song birds, ferns in the forest, spring peepers…  There have even been mosquitos and ticks! On Saturday, Muin Mound Grove celebrated early.  Since the celebration fell onContinue reading “Reflecting on my Spring Equinox Ritual at Muin Mound Grove”

Preparing for a Spring Equinox Rite on March 17th

The Vernal Equinox approaches and, as is customary because of our modern schedules, Muin Mound is to celebrate on the weekend – March 17th, to be exact.  For those of you who live under a rock, that’s St. Patrick’s Day. A column from the General Post Office in Dublin on O’Connel St.   If youContinue reading “Preparing for a Spring Equinox Rite on March 17th”

Imbolc at Muin Mound Grove 2012

We  used an old camper stove to melt the used candle wax we brought.  We did this in the garage for ventilation.  It was fun to recycle our old candles in this way.  The weather, however, was odd…  We hardly felt the chill in the afternoon.  Unusual for Imbolc in upstate NY. We did haveContinue reading “Imbolc at Muin Mound Grove 2012”

The Morrigan Doll

From Arts and Crafts This is the most recent doll I finished – a commissioned, OoaK fabric art doll of The Morrigan.  My grove mate wanted a representation for her altar but didn’t want anything too large.  This was a challenge for me because it needed to be small but detailed.  I went through severalContinue reading “The Morrigan Doll”

A Solitary Autumn Equinox Ritual

From High Day Celebrations I apologize right now if this post rambles.  I’ve got a lot on my mind, I guess! Blessed Autumn to everyone in the northern hemisphere!  I hope you’re enjoying the changing leaves, apple cider, and other signs of the season as much as I am.  Despite my busy schedule and doctor’sContinue reading “A Solitary Autumn Equinox Ritual”