Totoro Plush

I recently shared a list of some favorite Pagan-related movies, and “My Neighbor Totoro” was on there.  Creating that list reminded me that the movie was part of my collection.  My daughter watched it several months ago, before her attention span was ready for a feature-length film.  I took it out again and she’s obsessedContinue reading “Totoro Plush”

My Favorite Pagan Movies (at this time)

A friend asked me what my favorite Pagan movies are.  I asked whether he meant documentaries about Paganism, or fictional movies about content that would inspire Pagans.  He said both, so I decided to make a list and share it on my blog!  There are some movies that didn’t quite make my list because theyContinue reading “My Favorite Pagan Movies (at this time)”

Druid Movie Night: “The Lion King” – After All These Years…

Yes, yes, I can already hear your impatient mutterings, wondering what “The Lion King” is doing on a blog about Celtic spirituality.  Well hold your horses (or zebras). Earlier in the day, my daughter followed my husband into the garage to “help” him with something.  She emerged carrying my large plush adult Simba.  He’d beenContinue reading “Druid Movie Night: “The Lion King” – After All These Years…”

Druid Movie Night: “Ireland’s Wild River”

If you live in America and have a Netflix account, you’ll be able to check out a Nature documentary called “Ireland’s Wild River.” It follows the narrator, Colin Stafford-Johnson, as he shares the beautiful Shannon River.  I watched this recently on a lazy evening while my little one napped in my arms.  The visuals areContinue reading “Druid Movie Night: “Ireland’s Wild River””

Druid Movie Night: “A Letter to Momo”

  Many of my favorite anime titles involve spiritual elements.  The Hayao Miyazaki films, such as My Neighbor Tototor and Princess Mononoke, were greatly inspired by animistic beliefs native to Japan.  The interaction between the human and spirit world are important elements to the stories, and I find a lot to compare to Druidism – oldContinue reading “Druid Movie Night: “A Letter to Momo””

North Country Druid: Thousand Islands Land Trust Hosts “Green Movie Night”

When I first started this blog five years ago, it was originally called “North Country Pagan” because I wanted it to reflect my experiences finding things relevant to Paganism and Pagan culture in Northern NY.  My blog title eventually changed because I wanted to narrow my focus more on my spiritual path of choice, butContinue reading “North Country Druid: Thousand Islands Land Trust Hosts “Green Movie Night””

Pregnant Pagan Book Review: Birthing From Within

Birthing from Within: An Extra-Ordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation: Pam England, Rob Horowitz: 9780965987301: Books. Back in December, my dear friend Daughter RavynStar sent me Birthing From Within by England and Horowitz as a Winter Solstice gift.  Knowing that she got a lot out of it from her two births, and that we share similar values,Continue reading “Pregnant Pagan Book Review: Birthing From Within”

Brave: a Wonderful, Must-See For Celtophiles

The following are my thoughts on the film “Brave” which may contain spoilers.  Please skip to the very end if you haven’t seen the film and don’t want anything ruined! I recently went to the movie theater to see the latest offering from Disney and Pixar Studios – “Brave.”  I’d heard of the movie forContinue reading “Brave: a Wonderful, Must-See For Celtophiles”

The Secret World of Arrietty « Chronic Awesome

The Secret World of Arrietty « Chronic Awesome. This pretty much says everything I think about this lovely movie.  If you’re looking for something whimsical and earthy, this is definitely for you!  It has some very deep themes that most children are likely to miss, but I still highly recommend it for the little onesContinue reading “The Secret World of Arrietty « Chronic Awesome”