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I wanted to use my patio table as a temporary altar to do some work under the full moon. I had forgotten the potatoes I harvested and left there (oops). Then I realized this was perfect! My magic could tap into that fertile potato crop energy. With a clear sky, a bright moon, and a chorus of crickets, I set to work with the help of the potatoes that I lovingly tended for several months. I still have some dirt under my fingernails to prove it! My time outside with the moon and my spirit allies was fantastic. One of the best solo rites I’ve performed in awhile. I felt so connected and in the moment. It’s exactly what I needed.


Full Moon Rite with Potatoes – Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2019

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Bonfire Under Full Moon

It’s a work night, so we can’t stay up to enjoy the whole lunar eclipse. However, we simply had to take advantage of the excellent viewing conditions to catch the beginning. What a great excuse for family time around a bonfire? Before building the fire, I gave an offering of milk to Brighid, and prayed for a warm, safe fire this night. We stayed out until the moon was half obscured by Earth’s shadow. It’s always so humbling to look up and out. Such events bring us closer, I think.


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Moongazing – Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2013


 The moon is out in all its glory!  I felt absolutely giddy at the sight of it and had to go out.  Only…  baby girl wanted to be held and I wanted to drink some lactation tea…  Inspiration struck!  Why not just go out to sit and gaze at the moon with Bee?  Why not sip my tea in its light?  Heck, why not add some extra ambiance and light a white candle?  Why not bring my crystal ball out to charge?  

Yeah. Why not?

My father recently brought us some lawn chairs and I already had a little patio table.  I set myself up, put Bee in a cozy sleeper, grabbed a blanket, and enjoyed the view.  My daughter seemed thrilled to look at the big light in the sky.  

I’ve been trying to keep my milk supply up now that I’m back at work.  She feeds on demand when I’m home, but I still worry due to how stressful my schedule is at work.  I’ve been drinking lactation tea, but today felt like a day for some milky, sympathetic magic*.  I drank cows milk this morning because I was craving it, and I remembered the adage that like begets like.  I thought of sympathetic magic again while I was sitting beneath the moon.  It looks like a bowl of milk.  I poured some lactation tea as an offering to my Ancestral Mothers in thanks for the knowledge they have passed down to me and others.  I finished my tea and we went back inside.  

I enjoyed moongazing.  It is family-oriented, doesn’t take a lot of time away from my family obligations at this time, celebrates the lunar cycles, and lends itself well to folk magic or simple rites of offering.  I think this will become a tradition for me.  


* Come to think of it, I should really do some research on lactation lore!

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Slowly but surely, things are coming together in the garden.  We’re not being overly ambitious this year given the circumstances, so we’re making what we have work for us.  We’ll probably need one or two more bags of compost and soil, but they’re not very expensive.  I was very happy to get seed samples at the gardening event in Alexandria Bay this past weekend!  That will help a lot.

One of my gardening goals this year is to learn to work with the cycles of the moon. According to local herbalist Sue-Ryn Burns, the last quarter of the lunar cycle is a perfect time for tilling soil, applying fertilizer, and pruning.  Although I’m a couple days early, I wanted to take advantage of both that energy and the fertility of Bealtaine.  I finally emptied my little compost bin onto a tarp to separate the good stuff from everything that’s still decomposing.  This is probably my most successful year of composting yet!  It’s a small operation given my inability to have a large compost heap, but definitely worth the effort!

It started last year with a bunch of garden scraps and some supposedly compostable cups from a cafe with sustainable goals. Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2012.

Everything went into this small bin. It’s probably about five gallons. I drilled holes into the bottom. I want to get another and then some sort of pan to collect the juices.  It’s supposed to be wonderful for the plants!   I’m very lucky to have a garage in which to store my compost bin. Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2013.

I apologize for the blurry shot, but you get the gist. This is the compost right before winter. I continued to add green and brown matter, usually in the form of compostable, dye-free cardboard. The cold helped the vegetable matter break down faster once the thaw hit. Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2012.

A small pile of beautiful, dark compost after I separated it from the still decaying matter. For those curious, the compostable cups are still degrading. That will probably take a long time… I wanted to see what happened, but I’m glad I didn’t throw too many in! Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2013.

Composting is a wonderful activity, and I definitely recommend it to gardeners, even if you rent like I do!  There are many ways to go about it and it’s a great way to reduce food waste.  It’s very magical and earthy, too.  Truly a great way to teach children about decomposers and soil.

I mixed my compost with last year’s potting soil and half a large bag of compost and soil from the local garden center that wasn’t touched last year.  My husband helped me to shovel it all back into various pots.  We added some more soil to the moon garden and I reconfigured the stones.  All the while, the sun set and an owl sang its song.  It was a bit of work for this pregnant lady, but Weretoad did all the heavy lifting and I enjoy this sort of exercise.  Like my late grandfather, I always have some project and am not entirely happy if I don’t!  I can’t and won’t let my pregnancy keep me from one of my greatest joys – my garden!  After all, it’s a huge part of my spirituality and I intend to introduce my child to this hobby ASAP!

Soon, the moon will start to wax and I will plant greens and flowers.  Meanwhile, I have dandelion roots in the dehydrator and tender young dandelion leaves in the fridge for a Bealtaine dinner tomorrow.  May your Bealtaine be filled with fertility – be it in the garden, your family, your artistic pursuits, your relationships, or finances!

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Quiet Time

I think I’ve entered a short quiet period.  I’m feeling more introspective and reflective.

Perhaps it’s the lunar phase.  Maybe I’m extra guarded because Mercury is still in retrograde.  Or perhaps it’s that post Samhain calm before the storm of the winter holidays.

It’s also because I’ve been extra sleepy lately.

My free time has been spent knitting and sewing winter Solstice gifts.  I meditate and go for nature walks when I can.  I’m thoughtfully choosing and preparing my food with extra care.  I do so enjoy the seasonal offerings – especially the squash.  So earthy and comforting!

There are a lot of changes happening right now – both in nature and my life.  I will talk about them when the time is right.  For now, I’m looking inward and enjoying some me-time.

Blessings to you during this new moon.  May it bring you the quiet time you need.

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Blue Moon Workings

Quartz and white stones soaking up some wonderful blue moon energy this evening.


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Full Moon photograph taken 10-22-2010 from Madison, Alabama, USA. Photographed with a Celestron 9.25 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Acquired with a Canon EOS Rebel T1i (EOS 500D). Found at Wikipedia.

A few nights ago, I went to a friend’s house for game night.  During the course of the evening, we started to play Cranium.  My husband and I, as a team, were on a roll.  We were lucky enough to get only the creative and performance tasks as we progressed.  We eventually found ourselves at the end of the game.  However, to win, we would have to pass tasks randomly selected by the other teams.  Sensing my desire to stay away from the data-driven questions (which can involve my dreaded foe math), they pounced on that opportunity.  One of the questions was a true-false about the lunar phases.  Basically, it asked if the lunar phases were caused by the Earth’s shadow.  My husband decided I should be the expert since the moon is spiritually important to me.  Knowing it had something to do with the location of the Earth, I said true.  FALSE!  What I was thinking of was the lunar eclipse.  Feeling very sheepish, I realized this was an example of my being a Ditzy Druid.

Ditzy because I didn’t really know and was kind of assuming.

Druid because, after the fact, I had to find out exactly how it works.

It’s the sort of thing you learn about in school.  Usually 4th, 5th, or 6th grade.  Then it gets left behind for other concepts.  I felt a real sense of “shame on me” because if I utilize the moon in my magical practices, I should know more about the science behind it.  Druids were the learned class of ancient Celtic society.  With such erudite role models, I couldn’t abandon my search for knowledge after merely reading the explanation on a game card.

Some searching online brought me to this website, Moonconncetion.com.  It offers various moon-related software but also has articles – including an explanation on the phases.  It’s very easy to understand and I now have a very good visual in my mind.  What I found most interesting is that “the moon’s orbit about the earth is about 5 degrees off from the earth-sun orbital plane.”  This is why we can see the full moon as we do rather than a shadow of the Earth – like we would during an eclipse.

So it does have something to do with the position of the Earth and sunlight, but it’s not exactly how I thought.

Some of you may be saying, “Well, duh!” but I know there are plenty others who just aren’t sure.  There’s not shame in not knowing or not fully understanding concepts.  Don’t ever feel embarrassed to say you don’t know or that you were wrong.  These are learning opportunities!  Sometimes we don’t realize we’re missing a piece of the puzzle until we’re put in silly situations – like trivia games.  The important thing is what you do after you realize you are lacking in the information department.  Do you shrug and leave it at that?  Or do you go out and find more information?

I hope you’re like me and that you go for the latter.  Personally, I’m curious to learn more about the moon!  Book or documentary recommendations anyone?!

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