When Life Hands You Potatoes…

I wanted to use my patio table as a temporary altar to do some work under the full moon. I had forgotten the potatoes I harvested and left there (oops). Then I realized this was perfect! My magic could tap into that fertile potato crop energy. With a clear sky, a bright moon, and aContinue reading “When Life Hands You Potatoes…”

Moongazing: A New Personal Tradition?

   The moon is out in all its glory!  I felt absolutely giddy at the sight of it and had to go out.  Only…  baby girl wanted to be held and I wanted to drink some lactation tea…  Inspiration struck!  Why not just go out to sit and gaze at the moon with Bee?  WhyContinue reading “Moongazing: A New Personal Tradition?”

Bealtaine Eve In The Patio Garden

Slowly but surely, things are coming together in the garden.  We’re not being overly ambitious this year given the circumstances, so we’re making what we have work for us.  We’ll probably need one or two more bags of compost and soil, but they’re not very expensive.  I was very happy to get seed samples atContinue reading “Bealtaine Eve In The Patio Garden”

Quiet Time

I think I’ve entered a short quiet period.  I’m feeling more introspective and reflective. Perhaps it’s the lunar phase.  Maybe I’m extra guarded because Mercury is still in retrograde.  Or perhaps it’s that post Samhain calm before the storm of the winter holidays. It’s also because I’ve been extra sleepy lately. My free time hasContinue reading “Quiet Time”

To Be Wrong or Uncertain is a Learning Opportunity

A few nights ago, I went to a friend’s house for game night.  During the course of the evening, we started to play Cranium.  My husband and I, as a team, were on a roll.  We were lucky enough to get only the creative and performance tasks as we progressed.  We eventually found ourselves atContinue reading “To Be Wrong or Uncertain is a Learning Opportunity”

Cleansing Spirit Animals and Tools During the Waning Moon

The beautiful, pregnant moon was a welcomed sight over the fields and forests during Beltaine this past weekend.  Now that the moon grows thin once more, it is a time for cleansing.  I’ve been working on a couple of very practical yet spiritual cleaning projects. First, I’ve been cleaning a deer skull.  The deer isContinue reading “Cleansing Spirit Animals and Tools During the Waning Moon”

A Little Me Time

I feel like I’m always starting posts with a line about being busy and stressed and blah de blah de blah.  Well, life has been really hectic this year.  I tweeted yesterday about feeling spiritually suffocated.  During these times, I feel so disconnected.  It’s so easy to become depressed in a mire of uninteresting books,Continue reading “A Little Me Time”

Purifying Antiques for Use in Ritual

Nearly a month ago, I posted about visiting a local antique shop and purchasing twin brass bowls.  I knew nothing of their previous use.  How many hands had passed them?  I did not feel anything inherently negative about them (I doubt I would have purchased them if I had), but unless I craft a tool,Continue reading “Purifying Antiques for Use in Ritual”