Pagan Parenting: Simple Picnic Birthday

My baby recently hit a big milestone – she’s technically no longer a baby!  She’s a toddler.  Yes, not only did she turn one, but she started to walk!  Crawling is still her modus operandi,  but she grows more competent walking (and even running a little) each day.  Furthermore, she has said a few simpleContinue reading “Pagan Parenting: Simple Picnic Birthday”

Pregnant Pagan: Mother Blessings and Showers

My baby shower was on Saturday, and what a lovely celebration it was!  As I’m easier to fatigue lately, I decided I only wanted one big shower rather than having to travel elsewhere for other smaller ones.  I’m glad I listened to my instincts about this well in advance.  After my grandfather’s funeral the weekendContinue reading “Pregnant Pagan: Mother Blessings and Showers”