Shrine Facelift

Since my Ancestors’ shrine moved and is looking much better, I thought it was only right to give the Nature Spirits’ indoor shrine a facelift! After dusting, I started to find places for the various bones, shells, feathers, crystals, etc and realized that I should place things according to realm – land, sea, and sky!Continue reading “Shrine Facelift”

Living in Land, Sky, and Sea

Druids incorporate the old tradition of land, sea, and sky into their rituals.  Many interpret them as the “Celtic elements,” and indeed, it often seems that the world is made up of them (the “sky” incorporating both the fire and air of the classical elements).  Others may think of them as the realms – skyContinue reading “Living in Land, Sky, and Sea”

The Two Powers Meditation

Learning to perform the Two Powers Meditation was not difficult for me.  As a former Wiccan I was often exposed to different meditations and guided visualizations.  One of the most common meditations, the Tree of Life, shares some characteristics of the Two Powers Meditation of ADF.  Each asks us to reach into the upper and lower realms andContinue reading “The Two Powers Meditation”