Feeling Proud

I just want to take a moment and share how proud I am of my protogrove, Northern Rivers, of ADF. We are small, but we have grown into a strong group giving service to the Kindreds, each other, and our community. We’ve offered public rituals, welcoming many people in the wider community to join inContinue reading “Feeling Proud”

Reflecting on Liturgy Practicum 1

I am very nearly finished with one of the advanced ADF study programs – Liturgy Practicum 1.  I lost track of time, and when I saw that I had journaled for over the required four months, I was surprised to see that it’s time to submit!  What once seemed daunting is now nearly over! Liturgy practicum 1Continue reading “Reflecting on Liturgy Practicum 1”

Enchant Your Druidism!

My friend and fellow ADFer, Victoria, had an excellent question for one of the ADF e-lists today.  Feeling secure in ADF’s scholarly approach, she was looking for a way to add enchantment and whimsy to her personal practice.  Somehow, the “magic” had fallen to the wayside through her reading and community building within ADF itself.Continue reading “Enchant Your Druidism!”

What Is The Gift Economy & Why Do We Need It So Badly? Charles Eisenstein Explains (Video) : TreeHugger

I cannot recommend this video enough.  Sure, it’s arguably idealistic – but it speaks to me.  Many Druids value reciprocity – “A gift calls for a gift.”  We observe it in our relationship with the Kindreds but also each other.  We share our talents to create ritual, to promote art, to entertain, to feed eachContinue reading “What Is The Gift Economy & Why Do We Need It So Badly? Charles Eisenstein Explains (Video) : TreeHugger”

My Big, Fat, Druidic Wedding

A “woodhenge” near Beardslee Castle, the location of my wedding. This past weekend, my husband and I celebrated our second anniversary.  We knew each other for a few years before our wedding, so it actually feels like we’ve been married for a lot longer – and I mean that in the most positive way. We’reContinue reading “My Big, Fat, Druidic Wedding”

30 Days of Druidism – Foundations: Cosmology

What is my place in this world?  Where does my tribe belong? The answer?  Not hard. We were born of the ancestors, the wise ones of blood, heart, and place.  The ancestors share their wisdom and lore.  The ancestors inspire us.  The ancestors teach us what is and isn’t worthy. The ancestors were born ofContinue reading “30 Days of Druidism – Foundations: Cosmology”

My Triad of Cities

My husband made an interesting observation a few days ago.  He realized that we live our lives divided between three cities – Watertown, Utica, and Syracuse.  If you locate them on a map of NY state, you’ll notice they make a triangle of sorts.  I had never thought of this before and exclaimed that itContinue reading “My Triad of Cities”

Second Moon – New Moon

Last night found me beginning a new lunar cycle with my weekly retreat.  Although my decision to avoid social networking, games, and the usual entertainment kind of annoys my husband (simply because he wants to enjoy those things with me), I find the escape refreshing.  I accomplish much during those hours – including catching upContinue reading “Second Moon – New Moon”