Brighid – My Muse

(I’m posting this again as it seems to have vanished from my archives…  Perhaps I never actually posted it?  Anyway, here it is again.)   Brighid: My Muse By Grey Catsidhe               Ever since I felt myself welcomed at the hearth fires of the Tuatha Dé Danann, one Goddess has stood out as aContinue reading “Brighid – My Muse”

About a Bull – The Tain as an E-Graphic Novel

My friend Parallax sent this to me knowing I would go gaga over it.  Some of you may remember that I have a Gaelic graphic novelization of The Tain which I bought in Ireland.  For those of you who can’t get your hands on that (and the translation if you don’t speak fluent Irish), there’sContinue reading “About a Bull – The Tain as an E-Graphic Novel”

The Whole “St. Patrick’s Day vs. All Snakes Day” Thing

Happy Irish Heritage Day, I say to you all!  Why that as opposed to the above salutations?  Well, St. Paddy’s Day is a bit too Catholic for me and I gave that up years ago.  And All Snakes Day?  Well…  That just doesn’t jive with me because it’s very confrontational.  Well, that and it’s notContinue reading “The Whole “St. Patrick’s Day vs. All Snakes Day” Thing”

An Excerpt from Celtic Wonder-Tales by Ella Young

“I want to go back to Ireland.” “You will not find joyousness there, O Lugh, or the music of harp strings, or feasting.  The De Danaans are shorn of their strength.  Ogma, their Champion, carries logs to warm Fomorian hearths; Angus wanders like an outcast; and Nuada, the King, has but one dun, where thoseContinue reading “An Excerpt from Celtic Wonder-Tales by Ella Young”

Fun Things

First of all, I’m very proud of myself for cleaning the stove for my past three flame keeping nights.  I also cleaned some of the counter space and swept for good measure. Since tonight was my evening to honor Brighid, I was very pleased to get my Imbolc Artisan Trading Card from Caroline!  My originalContinue reading “Fun Things”

Back from Ireland

I’m back from Ireland, readers!  Weretoad and I returned to the US Friday evening and have been recovering ever since.  Although my husband became ill, we had a fun time and it was a bit hard to return from a green isle with blossoming flowers to a snow storm in Update NY.  I must admit,Continue reading “Back from Ireland”

A New Adventure

In my last post – one that I thought about for awhile before posting – I credited the work of Brian Jacques for inspiring me to go on adventures in the real world.  Reflecting on his influence once more inspired me to go on an adventure.  So…. Weretoad and I are going to Dublin tomorrow!Continue reading “A New Adventure”

The Cailleach and Deer

  The Cailleach’s attendant animals are herds of deer and shaggy goats. Mr. McKay thinks that this militates against the idea that she was a goddess of winter, and he would place her as a deer-divinity, who belonged to a people in the hunting stage of existence, the cult of the deer having been superseded byContinue reading “The Cailleach and Deer”

Irish Traditions, Crumbling with Time

Here’s an interesting article from the Irish Times by Brian O’Connell.  It’s all about how many people view and/or observe older traditions in Ireland.  It also expresses concern that, while some traditions remain or are being transformed, the newer generation is less interested in them.