Reblogged: St. Patrick’s Day, Snakes, and Irish-American Pride

There’s been a lot of discussion on the ADF Gael list about the term “Plastic Paddy,” St. Patrick’s Day, and All Snakes Day.  I’ve posted before about how I celebrate my Irish heritage that day.  A fellow Druid shared this blog post which goes into the history of the real St. Patrick and how hisContinue reading “Reblogged: St. Patrick’s Day, Snakes, and Irish-American Pride”

Blessed Imbolc

Cros Bhríde from Paula Geraghty on Vimeo. Here’s a video of Imbolc customs in modern Ireland (North Donegal).  You can see the threshold rite as well as a community weaving Brighid crosses. Here are some more Imbolc customs, including weather predictions.  It says a rainy Imbolc means a good summer.  It rained here today soContinue reading “Blessed Imbolc”

Rowan for Imbolc

Rowan tree and red thread Keep the witches from their speed. – Irish saying Rowan is a very magical tree that has been connected to Brighid and Imbolc.  The fiery red berries that ripen in the autumn remind one of her sacred flame.  Country folk would make crosses with the branches and red thread, thenContinue reading “Rowan for Imbolc”

Preparing for Imbolc

Imbolc is fast approaching and I can’t help but find myself anticipating it.  As Brighid is my patroness, this holiday has become particularly important to me.  The Wiccan group I used to work with emphasized quiet introspection, new beginnings, and storytelling in the dead of winter.  To them, it was Candlemas.  They did not particularlyContinue reading “Preparing for Imbolc”

The Morrigan Doll

From Arts and Crafts This is the most recent doll I finished – a commissioned, OoaK fabric art doll of The Morrigan.  My grove mate wanted a representation for her altar but didn’t want anything too large.  This was a challenge for me because it needed to be small but detailed.  I went through severalContinue reading “The Morrigan Doll”

Ditzy Druid Doings – In and Around Kingston, Ontario

Weretoad and I recently celebrated our two year anniversary in Kingston, Ontario.  We’d never gone there before despite it being so close so we decided to make a weekend out of it.  Here’s what we got up to! We went to a tree garden at the Woodworkers’ Museum just outside of Kingston.  The inside wasContinue reading “Ditzy Druid Doings – In and Around Kingston, Ontario”

Celebrating Lughnasadh with Bread

The sun is shining and, like Balor from the myths, threatens to kill anything that lingers in its rays too long.  Many in the US have been experiencing drought.  In Upstate NY, those of us who understand and value food worry about the relative lack of rain.  Thankfully there has been some this weekend, butContinue reading “Celebrating Lughnasadh with Bread”