Keeping in Touch with the Ancestors

I honor and work with the Three Kindreds: the Nature Spirits, Gods and Goddesses, and the Ancestors.  The later tends to fall to the sidelines all too often in my daily practice, which is very unfortunate.  I pride myself and my tradition for paying better  attention to the beloved dead, but I know I haveContinue reading “Keeping in Touch with the Ancestors”

Nova’s “Ghosts of Murdered Kings”

I recently watched “Ghosts of Murdered Kings” on PBS.  If you follow the link, you’ll be able to stream it on their website.  This documentary focuses on the research surrounding the various bog bodies that have been uncovered throughout much of Northern Europe.  I was able to see some bog bodies in person, first one atContinue reading “Nova’s “Ghosts of Murdered Kings””

Nature Awareness: Some Northern European Ash Tree Lore

Since the last couple weeks have been bitter cold or too snowy to safely walk in the forest, I stayed close to home and gave some thought to the tree nearest me. I recently started an exploration of the ash tree in my front yard.  Of course, I will continue to visit the forest regularly,Continue reading “Nature Awareness: Some Northern European Ash Tree Lore”

Samhain Harmony

I keep seeing or hearing people discuss how they feel Samhain and/or  Halloween should be celebrated.  Some say it’s too scary; others that it isn’t scary enough.  Some call for more reverence for the ancestors; others feel the holiday has become too somber in Pagan culture.  Those later folk embrace the carnival nature that secularContinue reading “Samhain Harmony”

Pregnant Pagan: The Sacrifice of Self

When we decided to try having a baby, my husband and I were well aware of the fact that doing so would mean putting some of ourselves aside (at least for a little while).  We must re-prioritize how we spend our excess money and time.  Traveling will be a little difficult for a few years.Continue reading “Pregnant Pagan: The Sacrifice of Self”

Imbolc Crafts

Cros Bríde of lavender and needled felted sheep on my seasonal altar.  Photo and pieces by Grey Catsidhe, 2013. I was feeling very inspired today, both by a project I had been meaning to try and discussion of Brighid crosses on a FB group for local Pagans. A needle felted sheep.  Photo and piece byContinue reading “Imbolc Crafts”

Pregnancy Lore

A huge thanks to Woden’s Wandering Witch for the amazing resources on pregnancy lore in Norse and Irish cultures. I really related to her Irish post, where she states that she is avoiding intense spiritual work because of the general belief that unborn babies are very vulnerable to such forces.  I did one trance workingContinue reading “Pregnancy Lore”

How to Carve Turnips into Jack-o-Lanterns: A Samhain Tutorial

Our turnips for Samhain this year!  Photo by Weretoad, 2012. Carved pumpkins are a ubiquitous tradition here in America.  It’s no wonder really – pumpkins have been growing here for generations!  In Ireland, turnips were mostly used as Samhain decorations.  There’s not a lot of evidence that this is an ancient practice.  Writings on theContinue reading “How to Carve Turnips into Jack-o-Lanterns: A Samhain Tutorial”

Who are the Gods? What are the Gods?

Meeting with and talking with people who think and feel differently, both online and in person, always makes me stop and consider my own perspectives.  Spiritual growth doesn’t just happen in the Other World or in your heart – it also happens in your mind, in dialog, in your relations with others. I mentioned myContinue reading “Who are the Gods? What are the Gods?”