Fill Your High Day Celebrations with Joy and Excitement

I was up late preparing for my protogrove’s Autumn Equinox celebration, and I woke up earlier than usual on a Saturday to continue my preparations.  I’m not even leading today’s ritual, although I am performing several important parts.  I’m also leading the magical working: a grovemate’s mother blessing/saining ceremony.  There’s a buzz of excitement in theContinue reading “Fill Your High Day Celebrations with Joy and Excitement”

Mother’s Day Offerings for the Earth Mother

I seem to post about food an awful lot, and I hope you’ll forgive me. Harvesting, making, and preserving food plays such an important role in our religious traditions and holidays. I recently recognized what has become a family tradition in early May – harvesting and cooking with dandelion flowers. In fact, I know weContinue reading “Mother’s Day Offerings for the Earth Mother”

Mini Bealtaine Fire

Blessed Bealtaine! We don’t have a fire pit at our apartment, so I decided to bring three candles out and light them on this special night. One is my flame keeping candle, one is my altar candle, and the third is one I’m making into my mini bonfire candle! My family lit our sacred fires,Continue reading “Mini Bealtaine Fire”

Happy Galentine’s Day to the Dear Women in my Life

  This may seem frivolous to some. Like Valentine’s day, love between lady friends should be celebrated all year. However, unlike the love between romantic partners, especially that shared by people who see each other every day, it can be hard to express fondness for people who have become distant through the complications of life.  WorkContinue reading “Happy Galentine’s Day to the Dear Women in my Life”

Unwanted Family Traditions

Traditions are linked to rituals; they’re actions we engage in for some purpose.  Often, this purpose is to cement ties within a group and to connect with an important celebration.  There are many family traditions that are dear to me, and I am already passing them down to my daughter.  They are traditions that make meContinue reading “Unwanted Family Traditions”

Samhain Turnips – 2014 Edition

Weretoad and I had another fun evening carving turnips, an old Irish Samhain tradition.  I carved a face because I’m old fashioned.  My husband, who is often more humorous than I am, couldn’t come up with any ideas, so he decided to label his vegetable.  Last year, I was given a pumpkin carving kit, andContinue reading “Samhain Turnips – 2014 Edition”

Pagan Parenting: Encouraging a Love of Fresh, Seasonal Food

  My toddler daughter is mastering walking (and running), and loves going outside to walk around my garden.  She’s also mastering her fine motor skills, which has made for some mildly stressful walks.  She’s seen me harvest enough food from the garden to understand that you can pick things and eat them.  Thankfully, she doesn’t putContinue reading “Pagan Parenting: Encouraging a Love of Fresh, Seasonal Food”

The Ditzy Druid Looks Back at 2012

Well, here we are – the end of 2012!  Before we move into the new year, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on all the personally significant events of 2012. 1) I Spent A Lot of Time Outdoors Although I make a point to do this every year, it’s always a highlight!  IContinue reading “The Ditzy Druid Looks Back at 2012”