On the death of an enemy

I’m trying to wrap my brain around how I should be feeling right now.  I feel a mixture of emotions – neither apathy nor the desire to party.  You see, I have pacifistic desires, idealist that I am, but I am also a realist who is proud of her Celtic and Viking heritage.  What wouldContinue reading “On the death of an enemy”

A Treasure

After work, I checked the mail and, to my surprise, I received a letter from my paternal grandfather.  He’s the family genealogist, a mantle I feel I’ll probably inherit/take up one day.  He’s done a lot of work and, usually, focuses on his father’s side.  Through his in-depth research, he discovered that we have anContinue reading “A Treasure”

Back from Ireland

I’m back from Ireland, readers!  Weretoad and I returned to the US Friday evening and have been recovering ever since.  Although my husband became ill, we had a fun time and it was a bit hard to return from a green isle with blossoming flowers to a snow storm in Update NY.  I must admit,Continue reading “Back from Ireland”

The Wild Hunt » Natives Against Native Religion

The story about discrimination within the Cree Indian Nation posted on “The Wild Hunt” today is interesting to me.  My main spiritual focus is Druidic of course.  It is what I feel called to and I believe a large part of that is due to my predominantly northern European, namely Celtic, heritage.  I do, however,Continue reading “The Wild Hunt » Natives Against Native Religion”

Brighid as Environmental Patroness?

On Imbolc we celebrate and contemplate the return of spring.  It’s a bit challenging to do that in northern NY.  As most people in the US are aware, a large storm is rolling across the midwest and up the northeast.  Signs of spring are difficult to find.  I was watching an episode of Edwardian FarmContinue reading “Brighid as Environmental Patroness?”

Imbolc Festivities

After a very long graduate class, my husband and I drove down to Syracuse to celebrate Imbolc with my grovies at Muin Mound Grove.  I was delighted to make at least half of the business meeting*.  Since I wasn’t able to make the Winter Solstice gathering, I was extra glad to see everyone yesterday. CandeeContinue reading “Imbolc Festivities”

The Cailleach and Deer

  The Cailleach’s attendant animals are herds of deer and shaggy goats. Mr. McKay thinks that this militates against the idea that she was a goddess of winter, and he would place her as a deer-divinity, who belonged to a people in the hunting stage of existence, the cult of the deer having been superseded byContinue reading “The Cailleach and Deer”

Video of Gerald Gardner

Not really Druidic, but interesting all the same. The blog “Pantheon” is doing a series on the history of Wicca and they included this video.  It’s actually a sampling of various interviews.  Gardner’s is the first. While Wicca does not really inspire me anymore, I’m still interested in its history and role in modern PaganismContinue reading “Video of Gerald Gardner”

“Victorian Farm” – One Amazing Reality Show

A fellow Pagan posted a link to this show a few weeks ago.  Having an interest in history and raising my own food, I naturally looked into it.  “Victorian Farm” turned out to be one of the most interesting television shows I’ve ever seen.  You can watch the entire season on youtube. “Victorian Farm” isContinue reading ““Victorian Farm” – One Amazing Reality Show”