My Triad of Cities

My husband made an interesting observation a few days ago.  He realized that we live our lives divided between three cities – Watertown, Utica, and Syracuse.  If you locate them on a map of NY state, you’ll notice they make a triangle of sorts.  I had never thought of this before and exclaimed that itContinue reading “My Triad of Cities”

A Bathroom as a Sanctuary

In one of the bathrooms at work, there’s a stall by an opaque, southern facing window.  I go there sometimes when I’m feeling stressed or tired.  The sun shines through it and turns it into a warm paradise.  I like to go there, close my eyes, and breathe.  Life has been busy recently thanks toContinue reading “A Bathroom as a Sanctuary”

LOW IMPACT KITCHEN: MORTAR & PESTLE | Little Homestead in the City

LOW IMPACT KITCHEN: MORTAR & PESTLE | Little Homestead in the City. I love this blog and I love the authors.  They are my heros! I’ve been trying to make more of an “unplugged kitchen” myself.  The big exceptions for me would be the refrigerator and stove (both came with the apartment and I wouldContinue reading “LOW IMPACT KITCHEN: MORTAR & PESTLE | Little Homestead in the City”

Imbolc Festivities

After a very long graduate class, my husband and I drove down to Syracuse to celebrate Imbolc with my grovies at Muin Mound Grove.  I was delighted to make at least half of the business meeting*.  Since I wasn’t able to make the Winter Solstice gathering, I was extra glad to see everyone yesterday. CandeeContinue reading “Imbolc Festivities”

Getting Ready for Imbolc at Muin Mound Grove

Vegan bread pudding for potluck?  Check. Bag of canned goods to donate to local food pantry?  Check. Smaller bag of High Day representations for crafty grove project?  Check. Handmade offering for Brighid?  Check. Touched base with witchy friends meeting me at grove?  Check. Imbolc artisan trading card?  Hopefully mailing tomorrow. Ability to leave class earlyContinue reading “Getting Ready for Imbolc at Muin Mound Grove”

What have I been up to?

Imbolc is fast approaching and I’ve been getting ready!  I’m nearly done with this holiday’s artisan trading card and should have it in the mail by the end of the week.  In the meantime, here’s the offering I’ve made for Brighid.  It’s a sachet stuffed with wool and various dried herbs from my garden.  TheContinue reading “What have I been up to?”

This Druid Does Kitchen Magic

I never felt drawn to kitchen magic until I was properly settled down.  Prior to that I lived in two homes – my parents’ house and my boyfriend’s apartment (which actually belonged to his brother and sister-in-law).  I never felt like I had my own kitchen.  And even though I still don’t actually own aContinue reading “This Druid Does Kitchen Magic”